Alzheimer Articles of Interest

2007 – 2015

The following articles were found helpful during these years. Based on the ever changing studies done around Alzheimer’s Disease, the content within these links are subject to change, and I cannot guarantee that you’ll find them helpful or relevant, but here they are for you to review.

Alzheimer’s Drug Candidate May be First to Prevent Disease Progression
New Alzheimer Research Center Could be Model for the Nation
Primary Care Physicians – To Screen or Not to Screen for Dementia?
Remember To Care For The Caregivers This Holiday Season
Breakthrough Closer for Alzheimer’s Treatment after Vaccine Success
Scientists Say Alzheimer’s Research Needs an Overhaul
The Alzheimer’s Generation: What We’ve Learned in 30 Years
Drug Free Prevention of Dementia Decline
The Role of Children in Alzheimer Care
Mild Cognitive Impairment Distresses Health of Caregiver
Nursing Home Quality Scorecards Don’t Tell The Whole Story
Study Finds Elderly Patients Unable to Recognize Their Memory Loss
Alzheimer’s vaccine triggers brain inflammation when brain amyloid burden is high
Chemists Develop New Method to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease
How to Limit Alzheimer’s Wandering
Alzheimer’s Association – 10 Challenges for Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease
Is Alzheimer’s Behavior the Patient’s Problem or the Caregiver’s?
Laughter May Be Good Medicine for Alzheimer Patients
New Findings Contradict Dominant Theory In Alzheimer’s Disease
Still No Relief in Sight for Long Term Needs
Alzheimer’s aggression: When disease triggers angry behavior
Restoring Memories Through Movies
Antiviral drugs may slow Alzheimer’s progression
New Dementia and Driving Resource From the Alzheimer’s Association
Family History has Complex Role in Alzheimer’s Risk
Increased Alzheimer’s Biomarkers in Patients after Anesthesia and Surgery
End Stage Alzheimer Patients Often Hospitalized Unneccesarily
Alzheimer Care Could Devastate the US Economy
Alzheimer’s Disease May Have Led to Murder/Suicide
Battling the Denial of Alzheimer’s Disease
Younger Onset Alzheimer’s Patients Stay Active
Alzheimer’s Disease and Diabetes Link
Social Media for Dementia Patients
Breakthrough Device Helps Alzheimer Patients Regain Cognitive Skills
Safeguards needed to prevent discrimination of early Alzheimer’s patients in the workplace
How Do You Know if it’s Safe to Leave an Alzheimer Patient Alone?
Recruitment for Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial in South Florida
What Should a Caregiver Who is Diagnosed With Dementia Do?
Alzheimer Tests – Pros and Cons of the 6 Main Options
How Your Sex Life May Change When Your Partner Has Dementia
Improv For Alzheimer’s: ‘A Sense Of Accomplishment’
Study reveals new link between Alzheimer’s disease and healthy aging
New JNM research supports upcoming Alzheimer’s disease guidelines
Gladstone Scientist Converts Human Skin Cells into Functional Brain Cells
Cannabinoid-1 Receptor Protects The Brain From Aging
Alzheimer’s Brain Protein Scanning Moves Forward
Scientists Link Human Gene with Risk of Developing MCI
Scientists Create Brain Cells from Human Skin
Groups Convince FDA to Ease Alzheimer Trial Rules
Medical Devices that Might Set Off Airport Security Alarms
Study- Natural Estrogen Patch Helps Women with Dementia
Namenda Leads All Other Therapies Approved for Alzheimer’s Disease by a Wide Margin in Use for Newly Diagnosed Patients
5 Signs of Alzheimer’s that Sometimes Show up Before Memory Loss
Peter Falk Dies – Suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease
Country Star Glen Campbell Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
Memory Restored in Rat Model
3 Must-Have Legal Documents for Elderly Healthcare
In defense of antipsychotic drugs for dementia
Help for Patients Suffering From Delirium
J&J Will Seek Approval of Bapineuzumab for 2013
Elderly Woman Suffering From Dementia Found Face Down in Fire Ant Nest
Brain Barrier Breached in Roche Push to Deliver Potential Alzheimer’s Drug
Nine Common Alzheimer Myths
Anavex Comments On New Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnostic Guidelines
Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Calls for Stopping the Sale of High Dose Aricept
Building Meaninful Relationships in Spite of Memory Loss
Depression/Diabetes Combo – More likely to develp dementia
The Hidden Dangers of Urinary Tract Infections
Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Home Care Worker
Memory Loss May Not Be Only Sign of Early Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s risk gene disrupts brain’s wiring 50 years before disease hits
New understanding of brain chemistry could prevent brain damage after injury
Advertising Standards Agency Brands Alzheimer’s Website ‘Irresponsible’
Hospitalization Poses Danger To Some Alzheimer’s Patients
Alzheimer’s link to diabetes
Blood Test for Alzheimer’s Disease
When to take away the car keys
Memory Boxes – Helping Alzheimer Patients Remember Their Lives
Memory Court- No Involuntary Commitment for Alzheimer’s
Treating Depression – Avoid Anti-Inflammatories
Researchers observe disruptions of daily rhythms in Alzheimer’s patients’ brains
How Dementia Tampers With Taste Buds
Man Uses Love to Conquer Alzheimer’s Disease
Extreme Gullibility a Warning Sign of Dementia
Common Causes of Dementia – In addition to Alzheimer’s Disease
Senior Moments: A Sign Of Worse To Come?
Researchers link herpes to Alzheimer’s disease
Insulin Found Promising in Treating Alzheimer’s Disease
Scientists find five new Alzheimer’s risk genes
New Stem Cell Technique for Alzheimer’s Brain Cells
When Alzheimer’s Turns Violent
Memory Tricks Help with Early Alzheimer’s
Caring for those with Alzheimer’s disease
UK Scientists Move Closer To Discovering Cause Of Alzheimer’s
Asthma Drug Could Help Control or Treat Alzheimer’s Disease
New gene therapy ‘may target’ Alzheimer’s
Prana’s PBT2 — Directly Restores Neurons Critical to Cognition
Scientists discover major clue in long-term memory making
How Inherited Genes Contribute to Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia
Texas among states with highest unpaid Alzheimer’s caregiver contributions
Nova Scotia – New program to help low-income seniors with in-home support
Life After Dementia – A social worker discusses how he may view life if he develops dementia
Alzheimer’s Pathology May Appear 20 Years Before Symptoms
Storytelling Helps Those With Dementia
Understanding Alzheimer’s – 8 Common Myths Debunked
AFFiRiS AG; Alzheimer’s Vaccination Shows Promising Results
Chemo brain: Frustrating but Real
A Deep Dive to Retrieve and Fortify Memories
Move to boost Hispanics’ awareness of Alzheimer’s
Technology Helping Dementia Patients
6 Ways to Work Around Someone Else’s Denial
An Alzheimer’s Vaccine in a Nasal Spray
Half of Alzheimer Cases Misdiagnosed
Memory Loss Can Be Caused by Over the Counter Medications
11 Ways to Stop Caregiver Related Depression
Clearing the Fog in Nursing Homes
Study Suggests Hearing Loss – Dementia Link
Novel Technology to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease Before Symptoms Appear
Memory Problems May Be Sign of Stroke Risk
One Type Of Frontotemporal Dementia May Respond To Malaria Medication
Metabolic Syndrome Linked to Memory Loss in Older People
A Link Between Herpes Simplex Virus and Alzheimer’s Disease?
Fascinating Story of Generations of Alzheimer’s Disease in One Family Helping Doctors Explain Battle to Beat Alzheimer’s
Antioxidents Fall From Grace
Unfolding amyloid secrets
Weightlifting for the Mind
Memory Training Might Not Be Best for Reducing “Senior Moments”
When All Isn’t Enough to Foil Alzheimer’s
Morris County program helps veterans at risk of being placed in nursing homes
Reagan’s son: Father showed signs of Alzheimer’s in White House
Anavex 2-73 Named By Alzheimer’s Weekly as Most Promising Alzheimer Trial Drug
Control Alzheimer’s and Dementia Outbursts With Re-Learning
Tooth Loss Linked to Memory Loss?
13 Top Trends in Alzheimer’s Disease in 2010
A year later: Newsday follows Alzheimer’s families
Advice to Caregivers – Reassure and Don’t Argue
Museum Programs for Alzheimer’s Patients Show the Power of Art as Therapy
Alzheimer’s changes detectable in healthy elderly
Group Convenes Stakeholders to Reform Alzheimer’s Trials
Diagnosising AD Before Symptoms Appear May Lead to Medications to Delay Onset
Curing our Alzheimer’s Epidemic by Sandra Day O’Connor and Maria Shriver
Insights Give Hope for New Attack on Alzheimer’s
NAPA PASSED BY HOUSE – On to President Obama for signature
Alzheimer’s to be Part of the Medicare Wellness Visit
What Health Care Reform Means for the Alzheimer’s Community
Alzheimer’s puzzle still only half solved
Researchers seek a way to tell routine ‘senior moments’ from early signs of dementia
Senate Passes National Alzheimer’s Project Act
Alzheimer’s to be Part of the Medicare Wellness Visit
What Health Care Reform Means for the Alzheimer’s Community
New Insight into the Cause of Frontal Temporal Lobe Dementia Found by Researchers at Mayo Clinic
Doctors sound TSA germ alert
Scientist”s Eureka Moment that Found a “Cure” for Alzheimer”s
Development of a Safer Vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease
In April, an independent panel convened by the National Institutes of Health concluded that there is “no evidence of even moderate scientific quality” that any intervention, including exercise, drugs, dietary supplements or increased social engagement, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease…………read more
Talking With Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: Battling Alzheimer’s
Feeling Him Slipping Away – A Story of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
London: Europe-U.S. Regulators Mull Prevention Trial in Familial AD
Mouse study shows effect of blood pressure drug on Alzheimer’s disease
Anesthetics and Alzheimer’s disease
New Annual Wellness Visits for Medicare Beneficiaries to Include Detection of Cognitive Impairment
Sweet 16 Tool May be Useful for Detecting Cognitive Impairment
Money Woes Can Be Early Clue to Alzheimer’s Disease
Study Looks At Ways To Prevent Memory Loss Caused By Anesthetics During Recovery From Surgery
70-year-olds smarter than they used to be
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients Used for Medicare Scam
Cancer Survivors and Memory Loss
Window on My World – Living with Lewy Body Dementia
Revised Definition of Alzheimer’s Disease Proposed
Stress May Explain Modern Man’s Dementia Epidemic
Affected Area of Brain in Early Dementia Linked to Career Choice
Brain Aβ Patterns Linked to Brain Energy Metabolism
Gene Predicts Speed of Alzheimer’s Development
Heart Failure Origin Affects Cognitive Function
Brain Exercise’ May Worsen Existing Alzheimer’s
Plasma Beta-Amyloid Levels Associated With Cognitive Decline
Trying Improv as Therapy for Those With Memory Loss
Seeking Comments on Proposed Revisions to Diagnostic Criteria for Alzheimer’s Disease
When Is It Time to Consider Moving a Family Member with Memory Impairment?
Experts – Nothing Has Been Proven to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
One Way to Judge a Nursing Home
Alzheimer’s Association Launches TrialMatch™ – First-of-its-Kind Clinical Trials Matching Service in Alzheimer’s
Dementia Care Guide Available to Download
Suprising New Link Between Tooth Loss And Cognitive Function
A Decade Of Alzheimer’s Devastating Impact
– Tom DeBaggio’s Story
Poet’s Book Deals With Alzheimer’s Disease
Research Reveals How We Learn and Remember
Alzheimer’s as seen by a patient who is also a doctor
Dad’s Alzheimer’s Sets Son Off – He Fires Shots Inside Home
Novel Radiotracer Shines New Light on the Brains of Alzheimer Disease Patients
Antihypertensive Drugs May Protect against Alzheimer’s Disease and Promote Healthy Memory
NAMENDA XR Approved for the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Dementia of the Alzheimer’s Type
Association of Genetic Factors and Brain Imaging Findings in Alzheimer’s Disease
Problematic blood clotting contributes to Alzheimer’s disease
New System Developed For Early Diagnosis Of Alzheimer’s Disease
Researchers Discover How Mutations in Presenilin Gene Cause Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease
PTSD May Boost Dementia Risk in Older Vets
Testosterone Protects Brain
StoryCorps deploys to capture Alzheimer patients’ memories
Patient Voices – Listen to those with Alzheimer’s Disease Speak About Their Disease
Clan could hold key to drug to stop Alzheimer’s
Author Agathie Christie’s Writing May Have Told a Tale of Her Possible Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s Prevention Strategies Remain an Elusive Challenge
Mutant gum disease bacteria offer clue to Alzheimer’s treatment
Irregular Medication Use Puts Seniors at Risk of Falling
Why Living Wills are Poor Guides to End of Life Care Preferences
Psychiatrists Can Predict Onset of Alzheimer’s with New EEG Test
President Signs Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act
Dementia Takes Away the Meaning of Flavours: Clues to Brain Basis for Abnormal Food Preferences
Company Plans to Sell Genetic Testing Kit at Drugstores
How Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Brain Injury From Stroke
Meet America’s Overworked Caregivers by Gail Sheehy
At Risk Students Bond with Dementia Patients
Personality may influence brain shrinkage in aging
Money Follows the Person Program designed to help keep people out of nursing homes
Obesity Gene Linked to Brain Tissue Loss
Home Care Businesses Fill Void As Alzheimer’s Care Units Decline
Investigational Immune Intervention Slows Brain Shrinkage in Alzheimer’s Patients
Alzheimer’s Disease sufferers still feel for loved ones even if they have forgotten them
Husband and wife cope with Alzheimer’s progression
Tasks that Improve Memory – Mow the lawn and chew gum.
Researchers Discover Weak Link in Alzheimer’s Drug Candidates
Many Newly Diagnosed Alzheimer’s Disease Patients Do Not Receive Alzheimer’s Drugs As First-Line Therapy
Aging Without Mental Decline: Probing The Secrets Of Sharp Memory In Old Age
Radiotherapy Can Cause Lasting Vascular Disease
Memory May Decline Rapidly Even in Stage Before Alzheimer’s Disease
Stressful but Vital: Picking a Nursing Home
Brain Scans Show Signs of Early Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s report sees growing problems
A Rapid Image Analysis Method To Help Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease
Read about Jay and Laura Jones and their efforts that helped convince the Social Security Administration on behalf of EOAD
Alzheimer Gene Sharpens Young Minds
Gene Clue to Early Dementia Speed
Memory lapses are common and increase with age; when do they signal Alzheimer’s?
Marijuana ineffective as an Alzheimer’s treatment: UBC-Vancouver Coastal Health research
Doctors study link between combat and brain disease
HEALTHBEAT: Study will put to test growing evidence linking high blood pressure to dementia
Rush University Medical Center Leads Nationwide Clinical Trial of Nutritional Drink for Alzheimer’s
Compounds That Help Protect Nerve Cells Discovered by Duke Team
Start Running and Watch Your Brain Grow
Doctors and Families Not Good at Detecting Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Eye Test That Spots Alzheimer’s Disease 20 Years Before Symptoms
Exercise May Stave Off Mental Decline
UCF Alzheimer’s Discovery Could Lead to Long-sought Preventive Treatment
Tentative Approval for Generic Namenda
Nutrient Cocktail for Memory Is Controversial
Mobile Phone Radiation “Protects” Against Alzheimer’s
Top 10 Caregiver Tips of 2010
Lifeless Prions Capable of Evolutionary Change and Adaptation
10 Years of Research on Mild Cognitive Impairment
UGA Study finds significantly worse outcomes in cancer patients with cognitive impairment
Lifelong Memories Linked to Stable Nerve Connections
Project Lifesaver even greater help in cold weather
President Reagan’s Son Advocates for Alzheimer’s Awareness
Apathy common in dementia patients with brain changes
Poor Oral Health Linked to Dementia Risk
Comfort Zone – A Different Idea for Tracking Alzheimer Patients
Dementia drug use ‘killing many’
Unravelling the Pathology of Dementia
More muscle power means lower Alzheimer’s risk
Blood Test Identifies Women At Risk From Alzheimer’s
6 Steps to Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease
Is it a Visual Problem or Alzheimer’s?
Can you catch Alzheimer’s disease?
Web can help elderly surfers slow dementia
Dimebon: Bright Star or Black Hole?
Declines in Other Thinking and Learning Skills May Precede Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Disease
Impaired Kidney Function Linked to Cognitive Decline in Elderly
Sleep loss linked to increase in Alzheimer’s plaques
FDA: Philips Lifeline Issues Safety Alert For Lifeline Pendant Personal Help Buttons
Federal Update on Social Security Disability for EOAD
Pain and the Alzheimer Patient -Online Workshop
Why Alzheimer’s patients set in their ways
1 in 5 fewer may get Alzheimer’s due to finding
UIC Researcher Heads $10M Grant to Tackle Alzheimer’s Disease
Research shows brains of obese people have less tissue
Study Finds People at Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease May Have Hyperactive Brain Function as Coping Mechanism
Switching on the Power of Stem Cells
Different Types of Dementia Show Different Types of Brain Acitvity
Caring for Alzheimer’s Patients is a Full Time Job
Can Chemotherapy Lead to Alzheimer’s?
Alzheimer’s disease therapeutic research: the path forward
Seizures Uncommon in Alzheimer’s Disease
When Elders Don’t Accept Outside Help
Oxygen Treatment Hastens Memory Loss in Alzheimer’s Mice – Implications for oxygen use in elderly after surgery.
Families sought for new Alzheimer’s gene bank
Close Relationship with Caregivers Slows Alzheimer’s Disease
International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease (ICAD) – news and videos from the just concluded Vienna conference.
UCLA scientists identify how immune cells may help predict Alzheimer’s risk
Greater Language Skills in 20s May Guard Against Alzheimer’s
Obama Backs Helping Hand for Long Term Care Insurance
Alzheimer’s Patients Struggle Without Insurance
People with mild Alzheimer’s have trouble focusing on what’s most important
Status on the Bill – Ending the Medicare Disability Waiting Period Act of 2009 (S.700 / H.R.1708
Seeking a pathway into the brain-The body’s defenses against disease also block treatments.
New data demonstrate potential for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
GPS Shoe to Track Alzheimer’s Patients
Night Care for Dementia Patients
Forgiveness: Can Caregivers Move Past Elder’s Bad Behavior?
Discovery Of Molecular Cause Of Alzheimer’s Disease
Eli Lilly starts late-stage Alzheimer’s drug tests
Communicating with People with Dementia
Gene Key To Alzheimer’s-like Reversal Identified
Delirium Rapidly Accelerates Memory Decline In Alzheimer’s Patients
Spending Down to Medicaid
Memory Grows Less Efficient Very Early in Alzheimer’s Disease
Spending Down to Medicaid
Photos More Useful Than Words with Mild Alzheimer’s
High Fat Diet May Impair Cognition in Diabetics
Young Adults at Future Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Have Different Brain Activity
Safety Fears over Elan and Wyeth Alzheimer’s Drug
Alzheimer’s Disease – Brain cells inability to transmit information to one another?
Famous Nun Study Continues
Stem Cells – 10 Diseases They May or May Not Cure
When it isn’t Really Senility
Anesthesia Associated with Risk of Cognitive Impairment and Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
National Center for Benefits Outreach and Enrollment Awards
Grants to Find Benefits for Seniors
Blood Test Predicts Chance of FTD
Oily Fish Claims About Dementia Questioned
Congress Approves $10billion in Scientific
Research Funding
New Statement to Medical Community Demands
a Dignified Diagnosis of Dementia
Headway in Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease
Insulin Protects Brain from Alzheimer’s – US Study
Education Doesn’t Slow Alzheimer’s Decline
Eli-Lilly to pay $1.415 billion for off label promotion of Zyprexa
Alzheimer’s Aggression can be Threatening
Dementia Looks Different in Diabetic Brain
Destroying Amyloid Proteins with Lasers
Alzheimer’s Disease-Facing the Facts – Airing on
PBS Stations in Janaury.
Brain Starvation Appears to Trigger Alzheimer’s Disease
Socializing and Cognition
Caregiving May Lengthen Life –
Older Americans Take Risky Combination of Medications
All Dementia Isn’t Alzheimer’s – One is preventable
Symptoms of Cognitive Decline Appear Long Before Dementia
Brain Circuitry Survives Longer than Previously Thought
in Alzheimer’s Disease
The Future of Diagnosing and Evaluating
Alzheimer’s Disease
More Men Take the Lead Role in Caring for Elderly Parents
Value of Family Caregiving Reaches $375 Billion
Brain Scans Show Root of Memory Glitch With Aging.
Caregiver Committed to Fighting Alzheimer’s
Super’ Aged Brains Reveal First Secrets Of Sharp
Memory In Old Age
Alzheimer’s Gene Slows Brain’s Ability to Export Toxic Protein
Anesthesia may induce Alzheimer’s changes in the brain.
Four More Alzheimer’s Genes Discovered
New Compassionate Allowances for Social Security
Yoga Classes Good for the Mind and Body of Alzheimer Patients
Helping Dementia Patients Overcome the Fear of Bathing
Report Calls for More Care for the Caregiver
Right to Die Controversy
AstraZeneca Trial Results: A Mixed Bag
Predicting Alzheimer’s- Psychiatrists Can Predict Onset of
Alzheimer’s with New EEG Test
Margaret Thatcher Has Dementia – Daughter criticized
for making it public
MIT Zeroes in on Alzheimer’s Structures.
Chocolate is Good for Brain Health
Short Term Respite Care – A chance for caregivers to
get away and relax
Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease May Be Present Decades
Before Diagnosis
At Anavex
Alzheimer’s Strains Home and Family
A Lazy Brain is a Shrinking Brain
Biomarkers Identify Early Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease
Before Symptoms Appear
Scientists Find Key Brain Circuits for Attention
The 10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease
New Imaging Technique May Spot Alzheimer’s Disease Earlier
When Music Works Magic
New Screening Tool for Dementia
The Link Between HDL Cholesterol and Dementia
Laser Headband Can Detect Alzheimer’s Plaques and Tangles
Brain Scans Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Quickly
New Clue to Alzheimer’s Found – Not all beta-amyloid causes
Alzheimer’s Disease
Molecular imaging sheds new light on progression of
Alzheimer’s disease
New Website to Educate the Public About Neurodegenerative
Alzheimer’s Association Disaster Tips
World’s Oldest Woman – 115 years old – found to have normal brain
with little or no evidence of Alzheimer’s Disease.
Free Long Term Care Insurance for America’s Veterans
Social Interaction Remains a Priority for People With
Alzheimer’s Disease
Study Outlines Misconception About Alzheimer’s Disease
Lack of Transition Training Confronts Family Caregivers
Reaching Out
Interacting with Those Affected by Dementia
Short Arms and Legs Linked to Risk of Dementia
New Alzheimer’s Foundation for Caregiving in Canada
is Established
Memory and Aging Clinic Opens at University of Arizona
Dual Treatment of Incontinence and Dementia Associated
with Functional Decline
Music Targets Alzheimer’s
Bill to create Silver Alert Program introduced to lawmakers
Chemotherapy’s Damage to the Brain
Alzheimer’s Disease – Managing Difficult Behaviors
Men More Likely to Have MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment)
Midlife Diabetes Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease
Structured Activities Important to Living With
Alzheimer’s Disease
New Compound Identifies Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Toxins
New Alzheimer’s Study Underscores Importance Of Sustaining
Viable Medicaid System
A Billion for Brains
First Ever Alzheimer’s Rally Organizing in California
Duke University Study – Most will have cognitive impairment by age 70
Alzheimer’s To Hit 1-In-8 Boomers
Short-term stress can affect learning and memory
Pratchett Announces Alzheimer’s Donation after Diagnosis
Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) causes more problems in
relationships and daily living than previously realized
Early-Alzheimer’s patients flunk financial study
Assisted Living Costs for Alzheimer Patients are Tax Deductible
Wandering Presents a Serious Risk for Alzheimer’s
Patients -Tips for Prevention
Alzheimer’s Presents Ideal Prey for Scammers
Ugly Betty’ dad Plana faces ugly reality of his mom’s disease
Holiday Stress and Caregiving
Alzheimer Guide Dogs
Alzheimer’s Disease Could Be A Third Form Of Diabetes
You Can Alleviate Boredom in Alzheimer’s Patient
Key Lessons in Alzheimer Drug Failures Reported by Boston Researcher
Pain Relievers Calm Dementia Patients
Doctors Debate Effectiveness of Axona
Elan Halts High-Dose Drug Trial After Nine Deaths
FDA Approves Generic Aricept to Treat Dementia Related to Alzheimer’s Disease
Nerve Cell Transplants Help Brain Damaged Rats Fully Recover Lost Ability to Learn
Immune-based Alzheimer’s Treatment Study Results
New therapy targets for amyloid disease
Alzheimer’s Disease Vaccine Shows Promise
New findings about brain proteins suggest possible way to fight Alzheimer’s
Testosterone Spray May Help Women Fight Dementia
Historic Gene Therapy Trial To Treat Alzheimer’s Disease
Potential New Drug for Alzheimer’s Disease AND Diabetes
Omega-3 little help in slowing Alzheimer’s
Relaxation techniques decrease anxiety in dementia
Sydney scientists make Alzheimer’s breakthrough
Progress in Alzheimer Cure Search
Accera Launches Axona – First Medical Food
Therapy to Help Manage Mild-Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease
Hypnosis Improves Quality of Life for People with Dementia
Drug Offers New Alzheimer’s Hope
Hormone Shows Promise in Reversing Alzheimer’s
Disease and Stroke
GlaxoSmithKline Pays Affiris $28million Up Front
in Alzheimer’s Vaccine Deal
Aiming at Multiple Alzheimer Proteins May be Key to Success
Study confirms benefit of combination therapy
for Alzheimer’s disease
Elan-Wyeth Alzheimer Drug Data Unclear
Marijuana May Block Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials – One Disappointment after Another
Alzheimer’s Association statement on a newly published
study of Etanercept (Enbrel) for Alzheimer’s
Russian Anti-Histamine Drug Does Well in Alzheimer Trials.
Alzheimer’s Association Statement on Flurizan failure
Flurizan Fails Study –
Alzheimer Drug Shows Promise
Nerve Cells Derived From Stem Cells And Transplanted
Into Mice May Lead To Improved Brain Treatments
Elan Vaccine Trial Restarted
NIA Seeking Participants for Alzheimer’s Disease
Genetics Study
Landmark Alzheimer’s Report Urges Radical Changes to
Paradigm of Therapy development for Alzheimer’s Disese
and Dementias to Focus on Prevention
Disease-Modifying Drug May Slow Alzheimer’s Disease
Medivation’s Dimebon(TM) Significantly Improved Daily
Function in Alzheimer’s Disease Patients
Breakthrough or False Hope?
Alzheimer’s -What if the Dreaded Disease Isn’t Really a Disease
IVIG Treatment Shows Promise
Exercise May Help Alzheimer’s Patients
Pet Therapy Trial for Alzheimer’s Patients a Success
Going Forward With the Helmet Cure
Debate over Electronically Tracking Alzheimer Patients
Obesity Treatment to possibly lead to Alzheimer Treatment
New Treatments for Dementia Expected in a Couple of Years
The Helmet That Could Turn Back the Symptoms of Alzheimer’s
Latest Study Says Statins Don’t Slow Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s Association statement on a newly published
case study of Etanercept (Enbrel) for Alzheimer’s
Reversal Of Alzheimer’s Symptoms Within Minutes
In Human Study
New Drug Shows Promise in Halting Progress
of Alzheimer’s Disease
Jan’s Story – Love and Early Onset Alzheimer’s – by Barry Peterson
A Decade Of Alzheimer’s Devastating Impact
– Tom DeBaggio’s Story
Stigma cited as main concern by those living with
Alzheimer’s Disease – From the Alzheimer’s Association Website
What About the Living? -An Article by Richard Taylor
Two With Alzheimer’s Disease Speak for
People With Alzheimer’s Disease Speak Out In
First Ever Global Survey
Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at Age 36
Biomarkers Identify Early Onset of Alzheimer’s Disease
Before Symptoms Appear
Living with EOAD – the story of the Rodriguez family
Too Young for Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s – Helping Children Understand the Disease
Help Teens and Children Cope with Alzheimer’s Disease
Alzheimer’s on the road: When to take the car keys
Senior Housing Finder
Care Finder
Lotsa Helping Hands
Most Voters See Alzheimer’s as Key Issue
Project Lifesaver Emphasizes Importance of Proactive Approach to Finding Those with Alzheimer’s Disease Who Wander
Alzheimer’s Association National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month
Alzheimer’s Awareness Month to Be Observed Throughout November
Students Help Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness
Free memory tests mark Alzheimer’s Awareness month
Alzheimer’s awareness program Sunday in downtown Alexandria