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    The beauty needle of 30G-25mm PDO lifting thread is used around the eyes. The thread is a smooth line, and the needle body is a blunt needle.
    Blunt needle beauty needle can solve dark fundus, prominent fundus fat, loose bags, and remove fine wrinkles of fundus. The 30G-25mm beauty needle, especially the semi-blunt needle, can effectively relieve pain, swelling, relatively less irritation, and minimize the harm to the wound.
    Polydioxanone (PDO) is a kind of macromolecule material, belonging to aliphatic polyether ester, which is a typical biodegradable material. It has excellent hydrolysis and biodegradability, biocompatibility, bioabsorbability, flexibility and tensile strength. It has been approved by FDA and CFDA of the United States as absorbable surgical suture material. The PDO line has been certified by CFDA and is very safe. It can be completely metabolized into carbon dioxide and water after 180 days without residue. Within 180 days, it can be used as a dendritic scaffold for cell growth in vivo, stimulating the skin to regenerate along the scaffold into a self-supporting structure composed of collagen and elastic fibers, thus forming its own lifting force against sagging and playing a lasting role.
    The skin around the eyes is the most vulnerable position of the face, water shortage, aging and laughter will make the eye perimeter ugly fine lines fishtail lines. So how did eye patterns come into being?
    Fishtail lines are usually the result of the expression movement of orbicularis oculi muscle, resulting in collagen layer dermis breakage or compression depression, and some are due to dry skin, resulting in cracking fine lines. Usually, these wrinkles are fan-shaped from inside to outside, and are deep and shallow, with wide and deep wrinkles near their eyes.
    General anti-aging beauty experts suggest that removal of eye lines can be done by line carving. The blunt needle beauty needle is placed on the eye pattern, and the wrinkles around the eye are smoothed by the pulling and filling of the protein line. Because the unique design of the lifting thread can greatly reduce the bruising and swelling caused by line carving.
    The Use Of Blunt Needle Beauty Needle For Eye:
    1. Epidermic anaesthesia.
    2. The scope of disinfection is centred around the puncture point, surrounded by 10-15cm.
    3. The operation brush is used to design the operation site, and the buried line of the wrinkles under the frame is designed with multi-level well-shaped wiring.
    4. Embedding thelifting thread into the corresponding part.China PDO Beauty Needle