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    Laser Type: Semiconductor diode laser
    Wavelength: 980nm±10nm
    Output Power: 1W-30W(15W,20W for choose)
    Operation Mode: Pulse mode
    Pulse Width: 15ms -100ms or continuous
    Control Mode: Touch Screen 8.0 Ture color
    Light delivery system: Detachable fiber systems, Core Size (Use only approved systems) ≤200µm, SMA 905 connector Aiming Beam; Diode laser of 650nm±10nm, 5mW (Max.), adjustable brightness.
    Laser Class: 4
    Operation Interface: 8.0 inch Color LCD touch screen
    Cooling: Air cooling
    Safety Classification: ClassⅠType B
    1. Veins removal on facial, arm, leg and body.
    2. Vascular lesions removal.
    3. Blood Spider clearance.
    4. The spider mesh red blood silk, varicosity, spider vein, vascular removal, blood vessel removal, linear red blood silk, Flat (bump) cherry vascular tumors, rosacea etc.
    1. No observed side effects even when using high fluencies.
    2. Epidermal damage was minimal and only transitory.
    3. The diode laser is small, mobile, low maintenance, and relatively inexpensive. Diodes are extremely long lived as compared to laser tubes.Vascular Removal Machine