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    Our History
    2001 Complete industrial and commercial registration of the conpany on January, 2001. SUZHOU TIANHONG LASER CO.,LTD. was established.
    2008 Approved as national new high-tech enterprises and successively identified as provincial private science and technology enterprises since 2008.
    2009 The company completed stock transform system reform, the stock-joint company is officially organized on November, 2009.
    2011 Double-hundred Engineering technology and science enterprise issued by Suzhou industrial park science and technology bureau, successively rated as Jiangsu reputed brand enterprise, Suzhou reputed brand enterprise since 2011.
    2012 Cooperated with Suzhou University and set up provincial enterprise postgraduate workstation in 2012. New factory construction is completed in October.
    2013 Completed the acceptance inspection of "high power abd high power and pico-second laser industrialization demonstration"of the 12th five-year 863 project of the national ministry of science and technology in 2013.
    2014 The company shares are listed on the national share transfer system(abbreviation:Thanhong Laser, stock code:430549)on January. The stock transfer method of the company has been modified to market transfer on August, 2014.
    2015 Acquisition of"JK Laser"brand to expand company's production line. Identified as double integration demonstration trailing enterprise in 2015.
    2016 The company is rewarded as"OFweek2016 most growth potential laser enterprise", "Entrepreneurial leadership star" of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ)in 2016.
    2017 The manufacturing base of Suqian laser industrial park was put into use on March, 2017, and set up a new subsidiary company of ECO2 laser on November.
    Our Factory
    Suhzou Tianhong Laser Co.,Ltd. was established in January 2001, with registed capital of 72. 32 million yuan and over 20, 000 square meters. The company is located in the garden city of Suzhou which is known as the Earth Paradise, and focuses on the R& D, manufacturing and service of industrial intelligent equipment.
    Our company covers more than 300 kinds of products in three categories. Smart industrial laser processing equipmnet: including medium and small power laser equipmnet, numerical control laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser micro-processing system, etc. Intelligent automatic robot system; Laser 3D printing, cladding, remanufacturing and hardening system.
    Technologies cover: software, machinery, electrical, motion control, robot, laser, optics, image processing, materials, laser technology, etc.
    Research and development institutions and achivements of the company:the company has cooperated with many colleges and universities such as Zhejiang university, jiangsu university and Suzhou university to carry out forward-looking basic research and industry-university-research cooperation, and undertook a number of national, provincial and municiple science and technology
    Our Certificate