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    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2019
    I don’t know why I never mentioned this before.

    If you aren’t on the mailing list for Harbor Freight Tools, I suggest you check them out.

    This is the cheapest place I have found for all kinds of gloves from cheap plastic ones that we need in the bathrooms to mechanics and gardening gloves. Great place to find shop towels, glue, utility scissors...

    I got a driveway monitor there. I put the sensor in the bathroom and took the monitor with me when working outside. My husband would be watching tv. If he went into the bathroom my monitor would go off and I would run back to the house to try to prevent disaster.

    I always keep the latest catalog and coupons just in case. They even give you free stuff. I love the little blue flashlights in a power failure.
    This could be a really helpful thread if we add the general information that is given to all new members about legal work; POAs; disability; the general difference in dementias; how to stay safe; managing the driving issue; how to search old threads; how to read these threads (Wolf taught me about clicking on last comment); a brief description of the site . . . etc.
    That way when newbies log on they can be directed to this sticky thread instead of repeating the information every time.