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    • CommentAuthoraaa
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2020
    All good ideas. I know I could go to either of my neighbors to stay or just park if necessary. They just aren't too close, I'd have to get to my car and out to the road, and both my dogs would probably be right on my heels :) Dh wants them to sleep downstairs with him, but the minute they came in last night they headed up stairs. My GD only lives 5 miles away if I really had a problem, their schedules are crazy, but they both have the personal cell phone connected to their duty phones. (Oh -- this darned George Floyd hysteria, a man came into the local police headquarters this am, caused a problem was escorted out, urinated on the building, got into his suv, drove out and around the parking lot and back in and deliberately ran an office into the wall, under his car, into an blockade, still under his car - would not stop, another officer had to shoot him to get him to stop. The guy is in hospital but just heard on the news the officer suffered major back trauma being dragged under the car and will possible be paralyzed. Just a young guy with family, the kids are so upset, he was a friend. No matter where you stand on this issue, this kind of protest isn't acceptable. Just a guy doing his job today, right in the Police Headquarters parking lot.) Sorry, hits home when I hear something and I hold my breath till I hear a name or one of them sends a text they are OK.

    I am in a super emotional state tonight, been going through all these old photos, gosh -- how do we get to this point in life. We expect to age and even plan for it - but there is no planning for AD. I need to get him used to me making phone calls out of his hearing. He always wants to know who it is, who is calling, who I'm calling. My friends have pretty much died, our painting group broke up, some moved to be near their children, one has husband that is very bad and I help counsel her. I seem to be outliving all my peers. This darned Covid-19 is still really interrupting our lives, couple hundred new cases a day. I'm not really worried for myself - I'm not sure being isolated for so long is any better. I went back and checked my Dr records, this 10#s came in the last 11 weeks - mostly having to rely on others for groceries etc. Plus I'm a stress eater, LOL. I have to go to town in the morning but will do what I have to do and come right home. Can't even take dh, the heat and humidity is terrible right now and you can't take anyone in with you so easier to just go and come back asap.

    I know zilch about any of the groups anymore, things changed too fast while I was out of the loop and I never caught up. Whomever is willing to take on the work is my vote for what we do.