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    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2018
    Thank you George. I read it last night just as I was sitting on the patio remembering how we used to talk on the phone when he was off flying the pacific with Continental Airlines. He would arrange his schedule to be gone for three weeks and home for two. It was the most efficient schedule possible. We lived in CA and he was based in Hawaii. But after two weeks gone we were both lonely. We'd run out of things to say, but still didnt want to hang up the phone. Didnt want to end the connection.
    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2018
    Charlotte, first off I am happy to hear your son and grandson came for a visit. Seems like a big thing. So sorry Art got hurt. Hope he doesn't pull out the stitches! That kind of thing is so confusing for them.

    I'm sending you an email about clothes.
    • CommentAuthorNicky
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2018
    Charlotte - Sorry to hear Art was hurt.

    My husband is in long-term care & the staff told me that if his pants are still clean from the day before, he will wear them for a second day. So, he hasn't run out of clean clothes, but he does have quite a few pairs of pants & many tops.

    I did however, go out & buy more flannel pyjama bottoms. At home he had 2 pairs & I bought 2 more pairs when he went into the private facility, which was sufficient. So, he had 4 pairs going into long-term care, but that wasn't enough to last a week. He was having accidents, so I think he needed a clean pair just about every night. When they told me about the shortage, I was going to bring the bottoms home to wash them instead of buying more. But realized I couldn't do that since I was leaving to go out-of-town to visit my son & his family - so I went out & bought 4 more pairs, only because I was leaving. It seems like overkill with the PJ's, but now he has 8 pairs & there's definitely no problem.

    On a different topic, I had a baby bear in my yard this morning & the bear was also in my neighbor's back yard - I was a little worried about mama bear.....but didn't see her. The bear was coming from the street & ran into my back yard. The city has been having problems with bears this year - they've been found in the middle of town & in school yards. I'll be taking down my bird feeder - I don't want to attract them. I live in a residential neighborhood, but my yard backs onto a forest, so even more reason for me to have them.
    • CommentAuthorCharlotte
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2018
    Sat, Sep 29, 10:34 PM (11 hours ago)
    to me

    Diane died today 3:12pm in her long sleep. She was not in pain. She is with Jesus now.
    It has been a long 9 years.
    • CommentAuthoraaa
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2018
    Oh, I am so sorry to read this and glad at the same time. She had so many problems with no hope of a normal life. What will you do now rodstar? Or have you heard more Charlotte? Maybe not even had time to think yet.

    I've been off for awhile, trying to process this change in our lives, trying to keep myself more positive. Seemed to work for a couple of weeks, but he is sliding more and more. Noticeable to people who are around for any time. I'm fortunate he isn't violent, he explodes in anger but forgets it five minutes later. I made the decision to hire the rest of the work done, no matter what it cost. Been two weeks now and is so hard to have someone in our house constantly but fortunately,he is very understanding and able to get through to DH where I can't sometimes. He Is coming this weekend to "help" DH clear the barn out. I hope it doesn't rain and they can get a dumpster delivered that soon. It's been a long road but our barn is almost done, now I can begin making it a home:) we are adopting a new dog, sure don't need another one but is so cute, and just a small dog. Been so mistreated, her "companion" not sure if it was her puppy or what was hit by a car and killed, my granddaughter managed to rescue this one. She was hit but doesn't seem to be really injured. DH immediately took to her so I hated to put her up for adoption. She goes the 8th to be spayed and vet checked so will wait till then to make a final decision - but I can tell you DH is already in love so she will become part of our family :) that's why we can't foster them, DH would never let any of them go.

    Oh, we went to a welcome home party sat night for a neighbor who is fighting leukemia. Lots of people so DH said let's go home right away but he ended up having a great time. Usually being around people bothers him but stayed two hours, which was most of the party.

    Got up and just got back but nothing important to say, lol. Rodstar, the angels are rejoicing, and as your grief of losing her gets easier, I know you believe you'll be together again one day. Charlotte, not read much lately, hope your days are easier. The change of seasons seems to be affecting DH, have you found this with your husband?
    • CommentAuthorCharlotte
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2018
    Well, I went again today. Been there all but I think 4 days in the 12 he has been there. I am going to try not and go back until at least Wednesday.

    He had a great black eye today. Was surprised when I showed him. His hand is swollen pretty good. His fingers are turning black and blue up to the first knuckle as is his palm b/b. They had not been able to keep a bandaid on the stitches but today the nurse I like was there so I asked if she would try. She wrapped it so good. First a bandaid on it, then she put tape in all directions including around his his last two fingers. Then she wrapped an elastic bandage around his hand. If he takes it off it will take him a while to figure it out. Of course, he has no memory of what happened. When I tell him he challenged his 10 year old grandson to a foot race then fell, he gets a puzzled look on his face then laughs.

    I did go by Goodwill where i found 2 pair of cotton slacks (vs jeans) I bought. Then I stopped by Walmart where I bought a sweatshirt to replace the Boston Bruins one I let grandson have, pair of sweat pants (maybe can start getting him into them) and another pj bottoms which will give him three. I also taped a sign on his closet door telling them it was OK if he doesn't change clothes every day since he is use to going 3 days to a week, unless he soils them. But i would like underwear and socks changed. It was hard to sneak out today. He was always carrying the dog. So, I went to get him a glass of water - they had tangerine infused today - then told him to take the cup into his bathroom so he could have a glass to get drinks when in his room. I took the dog while he did that and took off. I was just going through the door when he came out but fortunately had his back towards me. I hate sneaking out but he kept wanting to know when we were leaving to go home. I am thinking maybe going so often has hindered him getting use to that being 'home' now.

    His roommate move in. His son was there today so we talked for a while. He was feeling guilty about placing his dad but said he was just worn out. I told him he has nothing to feel guilty about. He is doing what is best for him cause you can't let this disease take two people. I told him I don't feel guilt as much as sadness that my husband is loosing the last of his freedoms. He said he feels the same about his dad. His dad is 84, I would put the son probably in his 40s.

    He is not high functioning like I was told. He is happy to stay in bed all day. He also is diabetic, has trouble swallowing so Art will have to make sure not give him any hard candy. His son was a little surprised the food and snacks they have are not for diabetics - he eve brought in snacks he could eat and hopes they give them to him. He was sharing with me has had a paid caregiver during the day when he works, then he did it by himself in the evening and nights. He has 4 other siblings which do not help at all. I was sharing my last 12 days making sure the staff and I agree on basic care. He is worried his dad because he stays in bed will not get good care. I told him he is his dad's advocate now and it can be a lot of work. He said he can only come every 4 days. I told him until he is sure, even if he can't stay to stop by in the evening to check on his dad. He may do that. His dad also has a wheelchair he uses for balance. I forget what he said happened that is causing balance issues. So hopefully as time goes by his dad will come up from under the covers and socialize some. Another concern was that Art and/or his dad would use each others toothbrush. Art's name is on his but his dad is blind in one eye, had cataract surgery on the other eye that is still healing so he doesn't have good vision. The staff will have to make sure they use their own. I did find the guys sunglasses over by Art's bed which upset his son some. I told him to get use to it because taking each other's things is common.
    • CommentAuthormyrtle*
    • CommentTimeOct 2nd 2018
    Charlotte, This sounds so familiar, especially the part about them asking for more changes of clothes. I was doing my husband's laundry twice a week but even so, I ended up giving them almost seven changes of clothes, and even more p.j.s and underwear. If I were you, I'd make a habit of frequenting that thrift store. Also, check Walmart online for deals. My husband always wore chinos and I found some elastic waist ones there for $11.00 before they ran out of them.