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    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2018
    I keep telling myself over and over that I no longer care. So why am in tears yet again?

    Today it is 115 in the shade. A mini tornado tore up the shade I had for the patio. I burned my fingers on the pool pole clearing the leaves from the pool cause I know he would
    nt like going in if there is any debris. Normal routine is to go outside for a beer or two and some chips. But it is 115 out there.

    I ask if he wants to.stay inside or go outside for a beer and a dip in the pool. He gets up with big smile and we go outside. Even though I haven't had the air on inside, it feels like an oven out there. I ask if he wants to go in the pool.

    At least a minute of gibberish ensues pointing at the pool and saying no and then yes and then kicking the chair and saying I am stupid. More gibberish. He sits down in the one chair still in the shade.

    I got a pair of swim shorts to show him and suggest he change into them and go get cool in the pool. No response. So I went and got the corn chips he likes and a pseudo beer. He dips his fist n the chips and tries to shove about three of them in his mouth.

    I put on my swimsuit and went for a dip. He finished the chips and went inside. Didn't bother to take the beer.

    Now I have the ac on since the house temp jumped up all of a.sudden. hopefully the power will stay on.

    I just can't believe it. Last year he just dove in and swam like normal. Until this spring he would constantly skim the leaves out of the pool. Now he looks at me like I am an evil witch suggesting he go in the pool. I am surprised he doesn't seem to be worried when I go in the water. I know Charlotte said it is common for them to fear water. Just didnt think that would apply to this guy!
    • CommentAuthorCharlotte
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2018
    Sorry Bonnie but at least you got to go for a swim. We have a pool in the park but the chlorine bothers my skin so I don't go even though the exercise would be good for me. If you are like me, next day care day can't come soon enough.
    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2018
    The last three days he has gone in the pool. As predicted dealing with the depends is a.challenge, but not half as bad as expected. He drags his feet when walking and must have done that when getting out of the pool. First day he stubbed his toe. Second day got out without harm. Today he stubbed toe and then toppled over. Remember the old guy on the tricycle on Laugh-In? Sorry to my hb but that's.what it looked like. No injury. Not even a scraped toe. So that was good. I guess I better be there to help when he gets out of the water.
    • CommentAuthorSedgly
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2018
    Bhv , sorry about the changes. I know how hard that can be to face happening.

    Great that the last 3days he got in .. I laughed at the old laugh in memory.. I remember that tricycle....was the guy on the trike the same one Ruth Buzzie use to hit with her purse ...or a different guy....can't quite think of it...

    I'd never heard of fearing the water...but you know, Jim use to spend a lot of time in the water...lots of time in Hawaii, he won't go in the water period...we don't have a pool, but 2of the kids do and as of probably 4years ago he won't get in there either....nope, nope nope...never related it to this.......learn something new every day :)
    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2018
    Yep, Ruth Buzzy with the purse.

    Tonight he took off his jeans in the kitchen and wanted shorts but didnt go in the water. After he finished cramming the chips in his mouth he got up and went back inside to watch tv.

    I spent some time in the pool and having a drink outside then started supper. As I walked by the living room I see that he has put his jeans in a bowl shape on the couch and whipped out his "appliance" and was peeing into the jeans bowl on the couch. OMG I'm like "what are you doing?" He calmly says "I'm putting that in there"

    So, I dont care how hot it gets, forget about trying shorts and that's the last time I bother to ask if he wants to go in the pool. If he asks I will think about helping him.

    On the bright side, he has been pooping in the toilet. Yay. I just cant get over that I am a 64 year old woman cheering when my 75 year old husband poops in the @#$%% toilet.