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    Just joined. My spouse has FTD PPA. Only will post if this is a private group.
    • CommentAuthorlindyloo*
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2018
    Hi btjrusa. This page is for the spouses of people with Alzheimers and dementia and that is pretty much what it is. That does not stop a few people from coming on to ask questions. Members encourage them to seek websites that focus more on their needs, for example, sites for children dealing with parents. We also experience occasional spam attacks, usually from people in China trying to sell us stuff. Most of us use pen names rather than our real ones. That allows for anonymity, important for many because we do bare our souls here. I'd suggest that if anonymity is important to you that you not use your email address. We do occasionally share that info with a member we wish to talk to privately, and then quickly delete it.

    Welcome to a group that no one wishes they had to join. There is much information on this site that you may and probably will find helpful. I know I did. I was also able to vent and never felt judged. Hope to hear more from you soon.
    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2018
    Hi btjrusa,
    To be clear, it is not a private group. We did have one person who probably told her daughter about the site. Said daughter lurked here and tormented our member over what she said here.

    But this is a group that is like a family. We vent, we share information, we play, we laugh, we cry, we support each other. I have not experienced the kind of support and dear friendships anywhere else.

    So please come back and post. But first abandon the user name you set up with your email address. Create a different user name. NOT btjrusa. And don't ever tell the people you are concerned with about this site!

    Don't use names when you post. Lovey dovey ones refer to their DH or DW as in Dear Husband/Wife. I refer to mine simply as hb, as in husband. Others have Partners. Dont say where you are from other than perhaps a state or region.

    With a this place can be quite private but we still become quite close to each other.

    You can also lurk. We don't mind. I lurked for the first several years because some of the stories scared me. The frequent posters were much further along than I was. Some of them are still posting here even though their spouse has passed on. Some of them put an asterisk and date after their name. There is also a search function. Experiment with it using different words and searching content or titles. There is a huge archive of knowledge here for the taking.

    Welcome to the group no one really wants to join. And virtual (((hugs)))
    • CommentAuthorxox
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2018
    Welcome to a club no one wants to belong to.

    I recommend also visiting since PPA is a subgroup of FTD. You will find a lot of information and helping people for information specific to PPA.

    This group is very good for providing support for issues specific to spouses with some form of dementia.