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    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2018
    The OUCO Marine Group provides high quality handling solutions and access systems for the marine and offshore industries. Headquartered in beautiful Wuxi, China, OUCO Marine Group has subsidiaries in several countries and serves a global client base from strategic points in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Middle East.
    With years of experience, the OUCO Marine Group has its own designing team and manufacturing factory, excellent European management who has 47 years of experience on offshore business, which also provides after sales services overseas.
    Our production line covers marine and offshore knuckle boom crane, telescopic crane, stiff boom crane, non-standard steel structure, more environmental-friendly operations and also truck crane with the range from 15t to 150t.
    Our version: To deliver the best possible products for the best possible price and quality. We are competitive as we have low labor cost, and deliver quality because we use European components in our cranes.
    The designing and building process is guided and monitored by a European team with knowledge and experience about all subjects involved.
    Our main goal: Not only to deliver a good product, by experience we know that a crane is a one time investment for a client and how important it is to do repairs at location in a short time as most clients have to deal with a high day-rate from their vessels; “Down-time” is expensive.
    European management:
    Present the factory has an European management under supervision of Mr. Paulus Gerardus de Jong who counts for 47 years of experience with cranes.
    The experience from Mr. de Jong is based on technical and practical experience; he is aware of all facets Involved; operating, operational, advising, designing solutions and monitoring the whole building process for many years by most mayor crane manufacturers around the world.
    Mr. de Jong and his team have a rich experience with many different type of cranes in all kind of environments and conditions;
    ashore and on sea with or without AHC.
    Photo description: European management is checking welding quality at workshop.
    Our ability:
    The OUCO Marine Group and factory is owned for 100% and already for two generations by the Chinese family Xu with long time experience in building cranes and exceptional constructions.
    In 2015, the family Xu invited European partners to manage and develop the factory to International standards.
    Photo description: Installation and testing on client’s vessel by engineer.
    Our Partners:
    Our partners from Norway who build their cranes and winches in the OUCO Marine factory under a 100% European management engaged by; and in close cooperation with owners.
    NorWave in Norway is also included in the European management and provide knowledge for our new development for “Hybrid” cranes, they will represent us for Europe.
    Based in Singapore and experts for any kind of marine or offshore winches not limited in size or performance.
    The winches produced in the OUCOmarine factory can be equipped with Active Heave Compensation (AHC) if required.
    OUCOmarine Russia
    Our local branch for Russia specialized in Artic conditions
    Active Heave Compensation (AHC)
    We can equip our cranes and winches with Active Heave Compensation (AHC) with first class technology provided by the company “Scantrol” one of the leading companies in the world for AHC.
    Our possibilities:
    The OUCO Marine Group can build any type of crane; according to our own design; but also according provided designs.
    We build cranes and winches to any certification requested by the client and are able to build cranes and winches for working in, and under extreme heavy circumstances for working temperatures of - 40C accordingly.
    Photo description: Superb craftmanship by workers with years of experience.
    Photo description: Meticulous welding at workshop.
    Photo description: Meticulous welding shows in details at workshop.
    China electric moped