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    Application and introduction
    The Non gravity mixer is an mixing equipment with an high efficiency .high loading ,high uniformity with low energy cost ,The agitator designed in a special angle rotating in the same but opposite direction with well mixing ,smashing unit .widely used in powder-powder ,powder-liquid .liquid-particles mixing production Horizontal Non-gravity mixer is widely used in dry powder and mortar, chemical, pesticide, detergent , pigment food, monosodium glutamate, milk powder, salt, feed, chemicals, ceramics, plastics, rubber additives and other powder drying and mixing.
    How it work
    Horizontal zero gravity mixer Horizontal cylinder with double-axis rotation of the reverse rotation of the pulp, the blade into a certain angle of the material along the axial, radial cycle stir, so that the material quickly mixed evenly; to reduce the equipment wearing parts Of the replacement cost, the blade leaves can be made into two-piece, in the blade base pad a movable small leaf, can directly replace the wear of small leaves, fast economy; material form is generally pneumatic (manual) flap valve, The circular valve is tightly embedded in the cylinder, flush with the inner wall of the cylinder, there is no material accumulation and mixed dead angle phenomenon; the standard type has a big door to open the door, the big opening to the edge of the tube, the material clean and fast.
    Other advantages
    The rotation speed of the reducer drive shaft and the structure of the blade will weaken the material gravity. With the lack of gravity, the difference of the particle size and the proportion of the material is neglected in the mixing process. The intense mixing movement shortens the time of mixing, faster and more efficient. Even if the material has a specific gravity, the difference in particle size, in the staggered arrangement of the mixing blade fast and violent throwing thrown, but also to achieve a good mixing effect.
    Spray and drying device is option based on the production request . It is with high efficiency and it just need several minutes for normal powder mixing production.
    Material made by stainless steel 304 or carbon steel for option ,for some corrosive chemical materials or copper powder stainless steel is the first option.
    All motors are with motor ex proof and Max mixer provide plant design and help installation.
    Technical data
    Model Power (kw)Capacity LSpeed rpmWeight
    Customized////hot sale Non Gravity Mixer