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    • CommentAuthorJazzy
    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2017
    Sorry I am late but I couldn't get signed in for sometime now. Finally it worked.
    Everything is moving along at a very slow pace. No more screaming and yelling but still lots of "Do as I say" very bossy with the staff and me but they now know how to handle these upsets.
    I have a wonderful councillor who has 45 years of working in the dementia and geriatric field so I am now able to handle things that come up.
    He has had his corneal transplants both eyes and that worked great so he can see again that has helped settle him down.
    He still has very bad dreams but the staff can settle him down quickly.
    stiff, slow movement now and very sore aching muscles. short-term memory loss well advanced, but long term still quite good. not singing like he did and spending most days alone in his room.
    I still take him out to MacDonald twice a week but every second Wednesday our daughter takes him to give me a break. Outings are getting shorter as staff feel that it is best for him as he often gets agitated when he returns.
    I am doing much better more able to handle upsets without getting upset.


    Hi Jazzy, I am glad you check in once in a while. It is good to know how things are going. Wishing the best to both of you.
    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Jazzy. So good to hear from you again.
    • CommentAuthorNicky
    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2017
    • CommentAuthormyrtle*
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2017
    Hi Jazzy. You've been through a lot, but it sounds like you have things organized and that you have a little breathing room. I wish you a good new year.
    • CommentAuthorNicky
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2018
    • CommentAuthorxox
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2018