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    Rodstar, you've been in my thoughts and prayers. Keep on hanging on!

    Myrtle, I had some trouble logging on a few days ago...then it seemed to start working right again.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017 edited
    Charlotte, Harriet laid her first egg yesterday afternoon and is on the nest now, looking serene.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017
    I saw that on my wall. I have not been watching them but I get great updates on FB.

    Called the VA - they won't replace the broken bow. They only do it twice in a year and this would be the third - even though this is a different pair of glasses. At least that is what I was told when I phoned this morning but someone is suppose to call me to verify. I bought a strap today that hopefully will work to help him adjust.

    Took Jasmine to the vet. She has been scratching since early summer. Vet said it appears to be allergies. Gave her a shot of new drug that is suppose to stop the itching, a shot of antibiotic vs taking pills for 2 weeks, antibiotic ear drops and another pill to take for 4 days to jump start the anti- itching. So far, she has not been itching or chewing!! Yahoo.

    Sage on the other had has been bouncing off the walls today. Into everything. Have played with her, took her outside for an hour. Was funny cause she would step in the water or wet grass, shake her foot and then put it back down to get wet again. I have a short leash that I will put her on where she can only go on the porch and have had her on that this afternoon since it is sunny and 62 so the door can be open. As soon as she comes in, it is "bouncing off the walls" again! This is where a bigger house, with more room to race would be beneficial. Her running also includes up and over the computer which means hitting keys that do weird things!

    Not sure what I will do on Thursday. I usually get a Costco chicken and make stuffing. I use to make him a custard pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas - all for him. The last one I made I threw half away cause he was not interested in it. (I don't like custard pie). Maybe I will buy a coconut cream pie - I like those and if I am eating it he will too.
    This is a long shot, Charlotte, but since you keep running into walls with the glasses, maybe these people can help. The Lions Club used to do all sorts of things for the blind, including collecting old and unused glasses. My BIL (now deceased) was active in it many years ago. It might be worth the time to make a call - if they still collect used glasses, perhaps you can get some used frames that Art's lenses will fit in. If you can figure out how they size frames and lenses, I just know you can and will figure out how to pop them in.

    Perhaps someone else on the site knows more about the Lions and collecting glasses.

    Hope Jasmine gets better. My dog has itchy allergies too. We've had frost, so he is better now. Hang in there.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2017
    I got a strap but he is not happy with it. Has been playing all evening with them.

    Jas is better. Been so nice to not have her scratching all the time.
    Just took a quick look and saw M15 (or whatever his name is) sitting on the nest incubating the egg. So nice to see the eagles again this year. For those who might not know, a lot of us watch "our" eagles through the nesting/hatching/raising the young months. I just key in "southwest Florida eagle cam" and that always gets me to the site. I'm sure there's a better link, but that gets me there.
    Re: the southwest Florida eagle cam. I tried last night and again today and get a message my browser can't view any of the formats available. That's funny because I watched it last year.
    • CommentAuthorNicky
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2017
    Thanks Elizabeth for the link - it worked for me. How awesome to watch the eagle.
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2017

    That is the site for various eagle cam sites around the country if you want to find one closer to you. Also, depending on where they are, not all breed at the same time of year. There is a pair in Pennsylvania I think a couple years ago they were shown sitting on the eggs buried in snow. If I remember none of the eggs hatches which was sad.

    Mary - others have mentioned that in the chat. They were told to try clearing their cache and browser. I don't know why but I notice my browser has become much more picking so I have so clear it almost every day.
    THANKS Charlotte! I played with it for a while and then downloaded Chrome (again). I usually use internet explorer, but chrome went right to it and I could see the pictures.
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2017
    I posted under the Happy Thanksgiving thread but now hb is up and not going so well. He does the door being open and the kitten running in and out. She goes under the motorhome so she can see any birds (usually the quail) walking around out there but he thinks she is getting stuck so keeps going out and getting her bringing her inside then shuts the screen door. He just doesn't understand she is fine. So told him to shut the door and the kitten can stay in.

    Last night the dog peed on the floor - she drank a bunch of water and while I was getting up peed on the rug. Forgot to put the plastic tub lid on his share - the kitten loves peeing in it for some reason so I put the lid over it to prevent that. Well, she peed on it last night. So now he is confused as to why his cushion and the cover over it is missing.

    He continues to obsess over his glasses. Cleans them constantly. Ask him why but can't tell me. Asked if he can't see well - maybe. Gave him old glasses and said they are the same. I thought maybe when they did the tri-focals they are not in the right spot. Also, where his chair is he has to look up to watch the TV which I thought might make a difference but had him move his glasses up and down but says it made no difference. I know - he wouldn't be able to remember anyway one position from the other.

    I got to find a way to get it together to make this day not as stressful. No day care tomorrow so will be together 24/7 until Monday.
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2017
    Those that are watching Harriet and M - happy she laid a second egg yesterday. I hope both are viable. Two years ago there were two eaglets, last year only one. A definite difference in how they were raised. Kind of normal when you are an only child and have siblings!
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2017
    Another month and the holidays will be over - hallelujah. I was doing OK until I looked at all the Thanksgiving family gatherings on Facebook. The hard ones were the ones with grandkids. In hindsight I would have still kept in contact with my oldest grandkids even though hb could not tolerate the hyperactive oldest one. For a while I would try calling but always got 'they are not here' even though you could hear them in the background. Their dad's family wanted to wipe the Lloyd's out of their life! I sent birthday and Christmas money for a few years but never heard from them, only their aunt thanking me even though they were more than old enough to, so I stopped that. He is now 19 and I am in contact with him via facebook although we don't chat cause he is busy with training through Job Corp and doesn't have much computer time. His sister who will be 17 next month I have her instagram page and she is a good artist like her mom. I have not told her because she is too angry at her mom, but she looks just like her mom at that age. Since the two youngest moved almost 2 years ago, we have not seen them. They are too far for a day trip. Even though she has room for us to stay the night, hb does not do good on trips - even worse on overnighters. And it is hard when he won't interact with them. The grandson is the one that said on two occasions - papa why can't you ever remember - looking right at me as he said it. I guess it hurt too much and I have no deserve to do anything with him even though when he was little I use to play cars with him all the time. Now he is into video games - xbox which I know nothing about.

    I willingly gave into hb out of belief it was the right thing to do. But I know now it is not. No matter what the reason, he had to right to deprive me. What hurts even more is he will joke and goof around with kids in the park, kids who often call him grandpa, but he never would play with his own kids or grandkids. It has always been like this. I have no reason why. I use to think for our kids it was because they were not his bio and he never bonded with them (they were 1 & 2 when adopted). I just so want this AD life to be over so I can see if there is anything in me or a desire in them left to salvage a relationship with them.

    The sun is out today and the kitten is happy having spent an hour outside on the leash until I got cold. She was disappointed because it wasn't until I was ready to come in the birds finally showed up to eat. Oh well, now she is looking out the window with that lower jab quivering!!!
    • CommentAuthorbhv
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2017
    I don't have anything to say.
    I can't sleep at night. Get up in the morning and can't bear the thought of how long it is til lunch. Get done with lunch and can't bear the thought of how long til dinner. Finally get settled to.perhaps watch something new on tv, and, oh no, I put too many ice cubes in his drink. How many more can I tolerate the chewing before I explode?

    I finally got a letter written to his two sons. Years ago he refused to speak to them any more. Recently they both contacted me on faceboom and I have been showing him pictures of his grandchildren on faceboom. I tell his boys hw he smiled and wanted to go watch the grandson's football game and how he had a tear in his eye when he learned his grandaughter is named after his Mom, and how beautiful he thinks the youngest granddaughter is. They have sent a couple of nice facebook messages. I waited til after thanksgiving to ask for their addresses saying I have some info for them and want to send a letter. But I haven't heard back. It osnt something you want to read in an email while you are at work for crying out loud. I guess I will just wait and see what happens. If I haven't heard by Christmas I will send an email, to youngest son.

    Cooked a bg turkey but no one came. Leftovers.are good though. Made turkey wildrice soup with carcass. Trash can full. Really get rid of all the bones etc. Put the can out Sunday night. Kept checking all day Monday and the can was still out there. Saw the truck out front finally in mid afternoon. Open the garage to go get the empty can and somehow hb snuck out there and brought the FULL can back into the yard!!!! So we missed the truck. Now I have nowhere to out any more brush that I have been clearing. And who knows how disgusting those turkey bones will be by next week. I completely lost it. Soooooo he decides he can get in his truck to solve the problem. Stupid me, I tell him he can't go anywhere in the truck. Why not? Because you can't drive any more that's why not.

    Well he forgot about it all in about 5 minutes.

    Then we went to his doctor to ask about all the mushy poop. New nurse. Clueless young thing. Couldnt understand what I was saying. Asks me if he is in a diaper??? Doc was pretty helpful. Says we should try probiotics. Says the yogurt things don't work, but he swears by Align. If that's too expensive then generics from Costco or Sam's. Should take awhile, but today was ok. Gave me more info on foods to try eliminating.

    He said he had a patient who had been eliminating things for 2 years. Only thing left was Orange Crush soda she had been drinking since a kid. He called the company and asked about changes 18-24 months ago. Guess what? The federal govt made them change the red dye. Lady gave up her fav soda and no more problems.
    • CommentTimeNov 28th 2017
    Sorry to hear I am not the only one having a bad time. He is driving me crazy playing with his glasses. He doesn't remember (of course) breaking either pair. He was constantly cleaning the new ones so I gave him the old ones. He is not 'cleaning' as often. Took the min to Walmart to check prescription. they are the same but the lense material is different. The newer ones are more reflective which might be why he thinks they are dirty.

    I just want to run away.
    Charlotte .....

    I've been following your problems here and can't think of anyway I can help you but I can tell you a story that eye glasses brings to my mind.

    Tom was an elderly member of our Lions Club and I remember him telling us this story. Tom always wore eye glasses and couldn't see much without them. When he went to bed at night he would leave them on a little night stand by his bed and put them on first when he got up each morning.

    One morning when he put his glasses on, he noticed a big change. He could hardly see anything. His wife told him he was having a hangover from drinking too much the night before, but throughout the day his vision got even worse.

    Expecting the worst, his dear wife called the emergency clinic and explaned the problem and they told her to bring him in right away. The emergency clinic was very busy but they finally got to see an eye doctor. The first thing the doctor did was to take a close look at Tom's glasses. Then he held the glasses out and inserted his finger through the frame where a lens was missing.

    When they got home they rushed into the bedroom and found it lying on the night stand, Exactly where the doctor said it would be.
    • CommentTimeNov 29th 2017
    That's funny George. Thanks for the laugh.

    A couple weeks ago after bringing home the stuff stored at my sister's, in the Christmas decorations I found a Christmas clock we have that plays Christmas tune on the hour. I hung it up and has been going off for 2 weeks (except when dark). The last three days he has been driving me crazy. Every time it would go off he would ask what that was or if I was back in the bedroom tell me my phone is ringing. I finally had it tonight. I packed it up and will save it until he is no longer here. And, no more decorations going up either.