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    My DH had a experience in the nsg home yesterday! I thought some of you may relate to it! He was eating breakfast when he got choked, I'm assuming, and turned blue. He Did get his breath back but was sent to ER. He is still in hospital but everything appears normal. He has lots of petechie on face and chest. I assume from straining to breath. He is on late stage Alzheimer's. Very exhausted since incident. Has any of you seen anything like this??
    I don't recall seeing the petechiae, or seeing an incident like this with an Alzheimers patient. But I've seen it happen with stroke patients, or with the folks who have a dysphagia because their Parkinsons is progressing.
    • CommentAuthorcassie*
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2017
    Ky, how is your husband today? It was an unusual reaction.
    My husband is about his usual self. Not real responsive. Occ talking but not making much sense. Lots of dozing throughout day. Eating well. On a soft diet. But not feeding himself. He is late stage Alzheimer's. Hasn't been feeding self for several months. Is this how it went at last for you caregiver s?
    • CommentAuthormyrtle*
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2017
    Yes, Ky caregiver, That's how it went for my husband. But as long as he ate well, he was OK. It was when he started refusing food, sometimes occasionally and then more often, that he really went downhill. That's when I asked Hospice to get involved.
    • CommentAuthorLindylou*
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2017
    Ky caregiver. I too have been feeding my partner for several months now. She sleeps her days away. And our conversations make little to no sense to me, and would mean nothing to anyone else. I just respond to her as if they made all the sense in the world to me. Sounds peculiar doesn't it? Carrying you and others too in my thoughts and prayers.
    • CommentAuthorMim
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2017
    What is petechiae?
    Little speckles of bruises all over.