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    • CommentAuthorchrisS
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2017
    My husband has had dementia symptoms since 2004 and was diagnosed with FTD in 2009. He has since had diagnosis changed to AD. He has been on Namenda 28xr for quite awhile. We receive meds through patient assistance program. I love the cost [free] but am experiencing other costs to my sanity! It seems there is always some problem and it is all causing greater and greater stress for me. Our order at Allergan has been "in process" for several weeks and so we are out of meds. I tried to get help from Allergan and I was on hold one and a quarter hours and finally gave up. The nurse at his neuro suggested Namenda 20 mg 2X a day to tide us over. I decided to stay with the XR at a cost of $200.00 for a 2 week supply. I now have 2 left and am facing the same problem. Can anyone share their experience with Namenda 20mg vs Namenda 28xr regarding effectiveness? Also, does anyone know if Namenda 20mg will be discontinued? Thanks for any help.
    chrisS, my parents both suffer from dementia and they started with the NamendaXr and have now switched to the 20mg 2X a day due to the cost and it was recommended as an alternative to the Xr which basically means extended release. Due to how long he's been taking it, there's some chance that it may not be doing much in general. There are several threads on the discussion boards on this topic. You might want to do a search on that too and read other's experiences with this drug. Others may come along later with some different insights.