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    • CommentAuthorAdmin
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2016
    Hello Everyone,

    I have now been trained in the new software and am ready to go. (I hope - time will tell how well I do on my own without Matt sitting next to me).

    In any case, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I want the "Weekly Theme" to play out. One of my ideas is to occasionally include a guest blog by one of my members pertaining to the week's subject. There will be guidelines to follow, of course, including word length, tone, and you will have to agree to my editing for grammar and structure. But I feel strongly that, with all of my caregiving blogs archived for anyone to read at any time (and I will reference the appropriate ones for the weekly theme), many of you, and hopefully new members, have a lot to contribute. I would like you to have the opportunity to be heard.

    What are your thoughts? Post them here, and I will update you on the progress of this idea.

    A new weekly theme and widow's blog will be posted by next Monday, or sooner, depending on how quickly I learn to navigate the new software all by myself.

    Thanks again for your support and patience during this transition.

    • CommentAuthorLindylou*
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2016
    Hi Joan, I want to let you know that I would be willing to help with a blog for two. Dealing with AD is a topic that I am very interested in, as I am in the midst of it. I'm willing to help in any way possible. And edit away.

    I do want to tell you that I would like to see blogs written especially with the needs of wives and husbands who are very new to this situation kept in mind. I think that there is a need in that area that may not be being addressed right now, since so many of us active at this time are really far along into this path. I'd like to see blogs for people who are just learning to cope with the changes that are beginning to evolve in their relationship, who are fighting to keep the relationship the same as it was, or who are coming to terms that it never will be.

    I discovered this website while surfing the web, looking for help. I lurked here for a while, and then after discovering the supportive community it is, I joined. I have been grateful for the discovery, and grateful for your creation of this network for people like me, dealing with the difficult task of caring for someone who is deteriorating cognitively right in front of us and there is nothing we can do to stop it from happening.
    Great idea Joan! I look forward to hearing more as you progress. I too fully support the guidelines you have developed so far.