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    As a recent widow I didn't see the need to change names on my utility bills as I pay on line. WRONG!!! When I called AT&T I was informed that they periodically check SS#s and as all our utility bills are in my husband's name it would have come up as fraudulent use of the number.
    You are right, bluedaze. Last year I added my name and # to all our utilities. This also may prevent your having to pay another deposit in the event you move. I had no problem adding my name to all of them.
    • CommentAuthorcs
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    You are so right ladies. I moved recently and needed to end my natural gas service. The gas company wouldn't end my service or send the considerable refund until I faxed them my POA. Also medicare wouldn't speak to me on the phone reguarding a claim for my husband. They are sending me an authorization form to complete and return before I can represent my husband in any SS or Medicare issues. Add these things to our to do list before they become a problem.cs
    • CommentAuthorAdmin
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    I have been putting everything in my name since we moved to Florida 4 years ago. He hasn't had a bill in his name since 2005. Much easier.

    I didn't even think of this..I have been paying bills for a condo my brothers and I own and many of the bills are in my dad's name brother in TX has to handle that since I live in CA. I was able to change one on the phone with no trouble.
    I will have to call all the local utility companies here to make sure my name is also on the bills now. I wish, when we go to these ALZ meetings they would provide a listing of these kinds of things we need to do so we don't stumble along like this making our own lives more difficlut.
    One more thing to do with the to do list.
    The only thing left in my wife's name is the cell phone. I tried to get it changed to my name, but was told, even with POA, I could not do it. This means I will lose the number if I have to get a different account. I may try contacting someone higher up in the phone company.
    • CommentAuthorKadee*
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    Vickie, Were you able to just call to add your name?
    Kadee, with our electric company, I called, explained and they just put it in my name, the lady I spoke with was very understanding and no problem. With our city water, gas, sewer, I had to take copy of DPOA to them and they added me to the bill with my name on top! We have Windstream for internet, phone and Dish network; it's already in my name. That's about it for utilities. My cell phone is in my name only.
    I haven't changed problems yet...! If someone wants to try to throw me in jail for a fradulent use of a my guest. When I get ready to do it I suppose I will just have to send them a copy of his death certificate. I think it is funny that they don't want to put the well spouse's name on an account, but they sure don't mind who pays the bill......LOL!
    I have found that different rules seem to apply to different accounts. For instance, the utilities and television service (satelite) was no problem.....just a phone call. Other things were easier to just wait out and supply a copy of the death certificate (I know, an awful thought, but true). The HARDEST account to transfer into my name alone was (believe this or not...) our FARM BUREAU account!!
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    I need to change our cell phones into my name. Our contract has expired so we are just month to month. But, to put in my name has to be a whole new account. When I do it, I hope it doesn't mean new numbers. I haven't changed them yet because they are Oregon numbers and I want to keep the account in Oregon - less taxes.
    My DW and I both have Blue Cross/Blue Shield as supplemental insurance to our Medicare. I called them to change the addresses and they changed mine, but, refused to change hers. So, I just sent in a change of address with the next premium and they processed it promptly. It is people like this that get on my nerves.
    • CommentAuthorDarleneC
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2010
    Bluedaze, this is such good advice for everyone. Be sure to get your name on everything. I sent a letter and a copy of the death certificate to all the utilities (cell phone and cable were in my name). A couple have just ignored it and the bills are still in Ralph's name. The ball is in their court now! The most difficult one to deal with was the Electric Co-op. Since he was an owner in the co-op, they now want a paper from the court. Turned that one over to my lawyer and has yet to be resolved. Most of my bills are taken out of one account with my financial company. Now I have to have a new account number and have to change all the bills to the new account. It seems to never end and it has been three months since Ralph's passing. You are right Dean, it does get on your nerves. I dread going to the mail box, because there is always something else to take care of, so it is best to take care of all you can now.
    I am going to start to do this with the next bill that arrives. more thing on the to do list.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    I'm in the middle of utility hell right now. The fact that his name is on everything is going to make things even worse. My neighbor went through this with her mother. She had friends pretending to be her mother so she could get accounts changed because they already knew her voice. I may have to borrow her husband.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    Starling, now there's a great idea!
    My son has pretended to be his father on more than one like a I will probably just have him call all the places and have my name put on....easier than having to produce a death certificate for every entity.

    I remember having someone call (I can't remember what it was) and ask for my husband....when I said he was deceased and that I was his wife and could I help them..they said no, they had to talk to him....I repeated that he was deceased and they said "well, could he call us back?" Duh....I asked them if they knew what deceased, they said....I politely told them it meant DEAD! Hard to believe they can hold a job....LOL!
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    I'm a little confused. My electric and phone are still in Jean's name. He's in a nursing home. Why do I need to put my name on instead of his? When my first husband died, I didn't make any changes. In fact, I felt more "secure" leaving the phone in his name. Same state for both.
    Samdi, your experience was so rediculous, no one (outside us) would believe it. I've had so many similar experiences. The latest is that when I tried to get my updated credit report recently, I found that one account reported ME Dead and they wouldn't give me information. (Think about this conversation.) (Hello! I'm Nancy C******* and I need to discuss my credit report. "Sorry, Ms.C*******, we show you are deceased and we cannot discuss this with you.") Experien is still trying to prove I'm alive. Latest is that I have to get a notary attest to the fact that I am alive...and then send copies to all the credit reporting agencies.
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    Nancy, I needed a giggle. And this one takes the cake.

    So you go to a notary and sign a statement that you are Nancy B and you are alive. And the notary puts her stamp on and signs too?

    Actually, why not. Will they take copies or do they need originals?
    • CommentAuthorJean21*
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2010
    Nancy, Wouldn't a letter from your lawyer suffice?
    In order to prove I am not dead, I suppose a lawyer's letter would suffice, if it was notarized. But remember, lawyers charge by the word. I can save money by writing the affidavit, and then taking it to the Bank of America where they will notarize papers at no cost. The credit people are all hung up about it being notarized. (If you knew some of the "less than professional" Texas notaries I have known, you'd laugh at that too.) It's that little seal that is so important. Whaaatever!

    I haven't attended to this matter so far, but will have it ready to go on Monday. So crazy!!! If it wasn't so much of a hassle, it would be funny. I am sure it will cause laughter at my bank.
    Just talked to our elder care attorney and she recommends to everyone that they have both names on the billings even if there are no illnesses which are of concern. You never know if a crazy pilot might go on a midnight melon mashing run and you get clobbered with a big ol melon and your lights are out for good..( just a little dark humor here but you get the point)..not being disrespectful just trying to be a little light about this end of the road thing which is in the hands of God alone.
    • CommentAuthordking*
    • CommentTimeAug 7th 2010
    Along these same lines, don't forget car titles. In Missouri, you can specify TOD (transfer on Death). Pretty casual when everyone can sign. You can also have the title in two names, but be aware of the logical connector. Sally AND Joe means both have to sign; Sally OR Joe means either one can sell.
    SANDI*......Your experience with someone that called and insisted on talking with your husband...after you already told them he had passed away....qualifies for an "Alrighty Then" moment!!! I had almost the same experience at the DMV lately!!! Sorry. I just have to snicker.