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    • CommentAuthorCO2*
    • CommentTime5 days ago
    Have not posted in a while. Wondering if you all have suggestions who are further along the creation of a new normal than I am. I am now not working. The little part time job that I had has ended and now am faced with how to spend all the time I now have. I have hobbies. I am involved in my church. I exercise and do outside things. I have grandchildren. I did take 2 of them this summer for lunch but now school is starting and it is more difficult. I realize how much of my life has been work related--when he was sick and even before that. Have made a few friends since his passing. I find myself feeling like a huge puzzle with missing pieces and cannot seem to locate the missing pieces. It was 2 years in May so maybe this is sort of normal.
    • CommentTime3 days ago edited
    CO2*, I've been thinking about your post, and my first reaction was that when our spouses die, we lose our centre. They have been what we revolved around. Then I thought, well, you had a job, and a job can be a centre, too. Is there a possibility of getting another part-time job? If not, maybe a volunteer job? Depending on your interests, working as a volunteer can be rewarding to both you and society. There does come a time when because of age or illness, that is no longer practical. Other "centres" can be a community Senior's Centre, or a book club at your nearest public library.
    You write that your have your church and grandchildren, and that is wonderful. Two years is not a long time since his death. It will become easier and life still worthwhile, but it will never the same.
    I don't remember your age, or if you live in a city or in the country, but there is another empty spot just waiting for you to fill.