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    • CommentAuthorol don
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2022
    I was thrilled to see Mary 75 was still here anyone else from 20 or so years ago? I stopped posting when the spammers took over hope they have been removed,would be happy to chat with any of the old members
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2022
    Hi, ol don I just happened to check the old site and was delghted to see your post. Glad to read that you are brightening the world with your flowers. We've had a hot, dry summer here in British Columbia, Canada, and my garden is suffering. I have an automatic watering system, but it can't keep up. The grass will recover, but I've probably lost a few of the shrubs. I'm 92 and still managing on my own, although how well is a matter of opinion. My short memory loss has to be supplemented with frequent notes to myself in a stenographer's pad to keep me on track. I'd like to say i've mellowed with old age, but I think it's more that i''m running out of energy. But there is still much to be enjoyed in life. My biggest regret is that I I didn't take more chances with the summer boys.