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    • CommentAuthorRedHog42
    • CommentTimeMay 20th 2022
    I am an 80 year old male caring for my spouse. We haven’t gotten an official diagnosis because of her refusal to go to the doctors. But her behaviors after a couple discussions with Alzheimer’s Association hotline indicate late early stage. I am the only caregiver involved in her care.
    I am a 69y/o female caring for my spouse of 46 years. Both of us are (were) medical professionsals, his diagnosis caused his retirement. I was drawn to the comment that this disease was causing absolute turmoil in a very long-standing relationship. I am exhausted and tired. I start most of my days by crying in the shower. I end many that way too. Just reaching out cause I know someone else out there must feel the same way.
    • CommentAuthorBarb F
    • CommentTimeJun 25th 2022
    I am an 85 year old woman caring for a spouse that will be 90 in October. I am tired all the time. Our daughter lives here too, but works from home. Sometimes I go to bed and think, what's the point of this life! I hate myself because of my lack of patience. I should be better is my thought all the time. We have been married 65 years. We have had 2 bad years, that started right at the time of the first Covid lockdown.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2022 edited
    You will always be able to look back with pride that you honored your commitment. For now, try to have some simple pleasures in your life, even if it's as simple as buying yourself the book you've always wanted to read, and you're number12 on the wait list at the local library. I'm rereading E.B. Whites' essays on dogs. He's my favourite author of all times. He used to write for the New Yorker.