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    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2020 edited
    We started this under the Joan’s Farewell Blog topic. I started a new one, thinking it might be clearer.

    I’m admin for a new Facebook group called Alzheimer’s Spouse Haven.

    To find it, sign in to Facebook and click on the groups icon. It looks like three people in a little circle. The three people figures are dark on a light background. Then search for the group name and it should come up for you.

    Or, copy this link

    It’s a private group. You have to ask to join and then an admin (me or Charlotte) will approve the request. There are questions there for you to answer - just simply are you a spouse/widow/widower and to give your user name from here.

    I sent a group email to people who posted or visited here a bunch and had email addresses on their profiles here. I gave the link for the new group and some background. Was happy to hear from Ol Don and Phranque. Phranque joined the group.

    Anyone know how to contact Marche* 9-16?

    Moira Aldridge just asked to join, but didn’t answer the questions. I sent her a Facebook msg since I didn’t recognize her name.

    Elizabeth, I don’t have email for you. Searched your Facebook name but there are several and I discovered I can’t invite people unless they are my Facebook friends, so you’ll have to ask to join the group.

    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2020 edited
    Charlotte, I spent the afternoon summarizing the Christmas Lodge discussion (just in case the old discussion boards here were to disappear. Then went to post the file to the group on Facebook and couldn’t find where to do that. I swear I saw a way to post files before. Maybe Facebook deleted that option?

    Wolf, I found all the stuff you mentioned as favorites and included it in my summary. It was fun going back through that.
    I am having a lot of trouble with my Facebook. It won't let me log in--then sends me email security alerts that somebody is trying to access my account, etc. etc. I have hardly used it at all, but just have it because...well, just because. But I'll keep trying to sort it out.
    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2020
    Elizabeth - my email is still posted. Send me an email address. Just in case.

    I made a group email list to try and make sure everyone had heard about this. A few of those addresses didn’t work. Today or tomorrow I’ll send another group email without the bad addresses and our core group will have emails. I think I’ll put Facebook names in that email too. That group email would give us another way to say something just to our core group in the future.

    Yesterday I went thru the Christmas Lodge and summarized it in a file. Will put it on Facebook but I think I’ll wait til December. There was an exchange on there with Marsh. He’s a doctor. It was super funny. Well I read that just after I got an email response from him. And this morning he joined the Facebook group.
    • CommentAuthorNicky
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2020
    bhv - I couldn't find the group under that name on Facebook. I also tried the link & it didn't work.
    • CommentAuthorCharlotte
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2020 edited
    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2020
    I just changed a personal privacy setting Involving search engines. That might help Nicky. Please try searching again and be sure to use the apostrophe in Alzheimer’s.

    When I was testing the name there were only a couple of things that came up when I searched Alzheimer’s Spouse and none used the word haven. Nicky, it might not be at the top of the list. You might have to click on the See All button. There are a lot of Alzheimer’s Walk things.

    I confirmed the group is set to be visible. I don’t know why it’s not coming up in the search.

    I wonder if Facebook changed something too. Charlotte, you said you found the group at first on my Facebook page. I didn’t worry about that cause you’re my friend on there. But now my other friend doesn’t see my groups. So I’m confused. How could you see it but Cindy can’t?
    • CommentAuthorNicky
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2020
    I just found it & joined. It only appears under Private Groups.
    • CommentAuthorbhv*
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2020 edited
    I just approved you.

    How’d you find “private groups “?

    Wonder if Facebook Canada is different then States? Guess we’ll figure that out.

    I’m thinking of adding where we’re from To the Facebook cross ref.

    Today’s the 14th. Almost witching you’re. I took my email off my profile. Didn’t want to leave it there in perpetuity
    • CommentAuthorCharlotte
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2020
    I think what I was referring to is it showed up on my FB wall which it should.
    • CommentAuthorRSA*
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2020
    I've joined a Facebook group called Alzheimer's Spouse Journal and Support Group.

    It's worthwhile, though more focused on the details of caregiving than this Web site, I think.
    • CommentAuthorWolf
    • CommentTimeSep 6th 2020
    to the top
    • CommentAuthorWolf
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2022
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2022
    Thanks, Wolf. You come through, as always.