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  • Caregiver's Age:

    81 at time of spouse's death -- 90 now

  • AD Spouse's age:

    died at 83 on 8/31/09

  • Years married:

    almost 60 (lacking 3 days)

  • Diagnosis:

    Late onset AD

  • Stage:

    Progressed from Stage 6c thru 7 in less than a year

  • Medications:

    Aricept for 8 years, Namenda for 7 years -- never any significant mood problems

  • Studies/trials:

    Late Onset AD Genetic Study -- 2 sisters also have AD. DX later confirmed by brain autopsy performed by Mayo as a part of the genetic study.

  • Location:

    East Central Florida

  • Care situation:

    Home care by self and adult unmarried working son. Very pleased with hospice assistance begun on 8 June 2009 -- about three months before her death

  • Caregiver situation:

    Healthy, and moving on with life. Remarried to close friend of fifty plus years seven months after spouse's death, with full support and understanding of family and friends.