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We are always discussing our spouses, their issues, and our reactions to them. This weekend's blog is for US.

As caregivers to our spouses, we worry  about their mental and physical health; we drive  them to all of their doctor and testing appointments; we talk  to all the doctors about the progression of their disease; we monitor their  medications. We worry; we watch; we “give care”.

But what about OUR physical and mental health?  This subject came to mind today when I read one of the posts by a reader who said she hoped she could remain strong and healthy in order to continue to take care of her husband.

Yes, we need to be strong and healthy  to care for our spouses, but we need to be well and fit for ourselves, too. We should not neglect our own well being because we are too busy caring for them.

I am at the top of the guilt  list – I am overdue for all of the major tests I should have yearly. What about you? Have you had your yearly physical and all those pesky tests we’re supposed to have?  I’m not just addressing the women.  What about you men caregivers out there? Without your wives to nag you into the doctor’s office, are you keeping up with medical appointments?

We owe it to ourselves to be as healthy,, fit, and as strong as possible. Besides the doctor visits and tests, we need to exercise. I know everyone has excuses why they can’t exercise. Exercise videos are the answer. You don’t have to go anywhere, and they get results. Before I joined a gym, I used to swear by Leslie Sansone’s walking videos. The first time I tried her easiest one, I lasted 4 minutes. By the end of two months, I was doing the whole one mile video. I then advanced to the two mile.

Exercise gives you energy and builds strength, which, in turn, lifts your mood and makes you feel good about yourself mentally.

WE NEED TO TAKE CARE OF US!!! I made my doctor’s appointment for my check-up and blood work for next month. I haven’t made the appointments yet for the nastier tests, but I will. Have you made your appointments?

JOAN’S “GET FIT” PROJECTWe are going to San Francisco in 4 weeks to visit our son and daughter-in-law. Anyone who has ever been to SF, knows the hills. Not really hills – more like mountains. Although I do weight training in the gym, especially strength training for my legs, whenever I have a trip to SF looming, I crank up the leg training. I have to – if you want to go anywhere in SF, the quickest way is to walk, and if your legs aren’t in condition, you just stare up at the hill and hope a cable car comes along to rescue you. So wish me luck – my SF training starts on Monday.

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