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We are in the middle of a two day chemical stress test for Sid, so between monitoring and reminding him what he can and cannot eat 24 hours until the test, retelling him what I have already told him at least 10 times, trying to figure a way to handle the stock market crisis without going completely broke, preparing my tutoring lesson, and looking for a job, I have been a teensy stressed. That is why I decided to take yesterday’s advice, and add a little humor to the site today. I know I surely need something to break the tension.

  • On Sunday, I was being my usual bossy self telling Sid not to get involved in reading the paper, because we had to wash the kitchen floor before company arrived. “Yes, General”, he said somewhat jokingly (?). Then he said, “Geez, I’ve been busted down to Private, when I used to Commander –in- Chief!”
  • After company arrived on Sunday, we all went to a Vintage Car Show in our Town Square.  I thought “vintage” meant cars from the 1920’s- 1940’s. No, apparently “vintage” now means cars from the 1960’s and 70’s. When I was in high school and college. Anyway, my husband cannot remember what I said to him 60 seconds ago, but he recognized and remembered every one of those cars in that show. He knew the year, make, and model of almost all of them without looking at the signs, and he knew exactly which ones he had owned at one time or another. 
  • Then there’s the Alzheimer’s Cruise joke: “We’re going on an Alzheimer’s Cruise – if anyone remembers to go.”

I really feeling like whining and screaming today, but I chose humor instead. I hope it makes you feel better, and puts a smile on your face, at least for a few minutes.

TOMORROW: I turn away from humor and address sadness

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