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Today’s blog was inspired by the late night musings on the Message Boards of one of our readers – Dick S. His moving reflections on the undying love he feels for his wife of 45 years, despite her declining cognition and loss of awareness of her surroundings, so touched my heart that I asked his permission to reprint it here on the front page for everyone who clicks on this website to read.

As you read his little essay, please think about your spouse and why you fell in love with them. In spite of all the pain and heartache AD has brought to our marriages, the qualities we loved about our husbands and wives still reside deep within them. It will do us all good to remember that – to remember who it is we are caring for and why. I encourage you to either e-mail me or write on the Message Boards, your own tribute to your spouse. Accompanying pictures (via e-mail attachments) are also welcome, and I will add the topic to the left side of the website – it will be named “Reflections of our Love.” I can assure you that as soon as my tears dry, I, too, will write a Reflection of the love I have for my husband. Look for it in tomorrow's Blog.

Reflections from Dick S………….

I think about her green eyes and how they would twinkle when I would surprise her with an unexpected gift. They are still green but now they seem devoid of any emotion.

I think about her joy of laughter and love of life, her warm personality and her close association with friends. The laughter has all but died and her social skills are few. She prefers the solitude of our home to outside activities.

I think about her love of travel. All those wonderful countries and interesting cities we traveled to. Broadway shows in New York, lunch at Scoma’s on the wharf in San Francisco. Her favorite was cruising and we have the platinum cards from two cruise lines to remind us. We will never cruise again.

I think of our two daughters who can never seem to find time in their busy schedules to spent quality time with their mother.

I think of the vows we took forty five years ago “for better of worst” and I know I will care for her and love her forever.

I think of all the lost opportunities and I wish I could hold her in my arms and drift away to never awaken again.

I think my heart is breaking tonight.

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