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This was the strangest evening I have spent since Sid was diagnosed with AD. As I have mentioned before, there are four couples from our support group who have become friends, and get together socially. We are all going on a 4-night Alzheimer Cruise in January. (For information, click on the “travel” link on the left side of this website.)

We needed to discuss plans and particulars, so we met at one couple’s house last night . Not once, during the entire evening, could any one of us, or any outsider, be able to tell that someone in the group suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, never mind that there were four of them.  

We discussed the clothes we were taking, travel arrangements with the car service that we hired to drive us to the port in Fort Lauderdale, cabin arrangements, tipping – everything a normal group of friends taking a cruise would discuss.  We know each other well – the heartaches; the AD spouses’ outbursts; forgetfulness; confusion; everything. These men sat and talked as if there wasn’t a thing wrong with them – even the man who spends his days in Daycare, and never remembers why he goes. I thought I had entered The Twilight Zone.

I live with Alzheimer’s Disease 24/7. I live with the impulsiveness, forgetfulness, bewilderment, misunderstanding. As do the other three wives. I have no idea where all this normalcy came from last night. It was downright weird.

AD never ceases with its surprises and unexpected turns.

I wish everyone a good weekend. I will check in periodically on the Message Boards.

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