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Chanukah has been celebrated; Christmas is beginning; Kwanza will start soon. It does not matter which holiday is part of your heritage. They each are supposed to bring family together in the spirit of love and generosity. I know how difficult that can be when dealing with an AD spouse.

In spite of all the trials AD has brought to your marriage, I would like you to embrace the spirit of the season and ask you to try to enjoy the part of your spouse that is still with you. Maybe they are still able to understand that they are loved by their family. Maybe they are still able to participate in some holiday activities, such as dinner or gift opening, even for a short span of time. Maybe they are still able to show love and affection to you, even if it is just a touch or a smile.  

Wherever you and your spouse may be in this Alzheimer’s journey, my wish for you is to be able to embrace the love of your family during this special season. 

Remember,  Message Boards do not take off for holidays, so if you need us, we are always open.

Stay tuned for upcoming events. I am being interviewed on Monday by a geriatric physician who is writing an article for on the effect Alzheimer’s Disease has on marriage. I will keep you updated on that, as well as many other exciting features I have planned for the new year.

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