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December 2009 ARCHIVES:

484. How Can He Keep Hiding It? - December 3/4, 2009 - No matter how forgetful and confused he is, my husband still manages to hide it in public.

485.Our Spouses' Forgotten Emotions - December 5/6, 2009 - In the midst of complaining about my own losses, I have forgotten the emotional losses of my husband.

486. When "We" Became "I" - December 7/8, 2009

487. Experience is the Best Teacher - December 9, 2009 - No one is ever going to understand unless they walk in your shoes.

488. The Driving Issue AGAIN! - December 11, 2009 - Just when I thought we had put this to rest, here it comes again

489. Trying to Hold on to The Abilities He Has - What happened to that resolve? - December 15/16, 2009

490.The Irony of Life - How I ended up giving spousal advice to my father - December 17/18, 2009

491. Now I am Sweet and Cute - The angry verbal abuse of last year has been replaced by a different kind of love -December 19/20, 2009

492. My Interview with the Alzheimer's Association - December 22, 2009

493. Joan's Christmas 09 Blog - Guest writer - our member Mary - December 24-27 2009

494.Treasure Them While They are Here - December 29, 2009

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