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December 2008 ARCHIVES:

321.The AD Spouse Connection - The Sisterhood of AD spouses- December 1, 2008

322. I Miss My Life!- I want my old husband and my old life back- December 2/3, 2008

323. At the End of My Rope - I cannot take anymore - ready to throw in the towel - December 6/7, 2008

324. Choosing to Make the Best of the Life We Have - an inspiring story - December 8, 2008

325.Living With Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease - Help me focus on what I CAN still do - December 11, 2008

326. No Where to Turn - I cannot live like this anymore- December 12, 2008

327. A Caregiver's Rebellion - Taking time for me! - December 15/16, 208

328- Some Good News - My son and daughter-in-law are coming to visit - December 17, 2008

329. Who Am I Outside of the Dementia World? - a question of identity - December 18/19, 2008

330,Positive Thoughts for the Weekend Before Christmas and Chanukah - December 20/21, 2008

331.Say Yes! - A movie message to all Alzheimer Spouses - Don't let life pass you by.- December 22/23, 2008

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