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December 2007 ARCHIVES:

90.E-Mails Keep Pouring in on The Nursing Home Issue - To place your spouse or not - December 4, 2007

91.When Your AD Spouse's Physical Problems Send Them to the Hospital - December 5/6, 2007

92. An AD Spouse in the Hospital - A Learning Experience - December 7, 2007

93.Aloneness - It's different from loneliness - December 10, 2007

94.Not Ready for Daycare - Nowhere to go and nothing to do - December 13, 2007

95.Alzheimer Cruise Planning - Our "Normal Night" - December 15/16, 2007

96.Reflections on the Bad Days - A Plumbing Nightmare- December 17, 2007

97.Slipping from Sadness into Depression - How to avoid it - December 20, 2007

98.The Last Big Trip - Taking a trip before it's too late - December 21, 2007

99.Merry Christmas - December 24/25, 2007

100. AD Issues to the Forefront - My interview for a CNN article about Alzheimer's Disease and Marriage - December 26, 2007

101. Sid speaks - A Glimpse into His World of AD - December 27, 2007

102. Behind the Scenes - 2008 plans for the website - December 29/30, 2007










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