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NOVEMBER 2010 Archives

620. Our Campaign for November, Alzheimer's Awareness Month - November 1-2, 2010

621. My Nightmare - A frightening look into my subconcious and Alzheimer's Disease - November 3, 2010

622. My Cluttered Closet and the Alzheimer Brain - How cleaning my closet helped me understand how difficult it is to function with an Alzheimer brain - November 5, 2010

623. Pondering a Vacation - My solution to a relaxing vacation for me AND my husband - November 6/7, 2010

624. Denial, Defensiveness, and a Tenuous Hold on Dignity - How my husband uses denial to maintain his dignity - November 8/9,2010

625.Diminishing Patience- I keep trying, but it is so difficult to hold onto my patience - November 10/11, 2010

626. Crafting My Way to Tranquility - How knitting saved my sanity - November 13/14, 2010

627. It's Always Something - Now my husband has a broken knee to contend with - November 15/16, 2010

627. Joan's Army - Recruiting spouses to raise awareness - November 18/19, 2010

628. Preparing for Thanksgiving - November 20/21, 2010

629. Reflections on an Alzheimer's Thanksgiving - Through our son's eyes - November 27/28, 2010


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