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November 2007 ARCHIVES:

71.Conflicting Emotions - Ours and those of our adult children - support from some; denial and distancing from others - November 2, 2007

72.AD and Physical Disabilities - A Double Whammy - November 5, 2007

73.Get a Life! - A necessity for AD Spouses- before AD robs both your spouse AND you of your life - November 6, 2007

74.How Alzheimer's Disease Impacts Each Marriage Differently - November 7, 2007

75.Give Me Some Breathing Room - Please! - My spouse won't give me any time to myself - November 8, 2007

76.Something I Really Miss about my spouse- The Blog that was too painful to be written - November 9, 2007

77.Lessons from the Caregiving Conference - Positive Caregiving - November 10/11, 2007

78.Lessons from the Caregiving Conference- Part II - Humor - November 12, 2007

79.A Little Humor - Smile- It's Good for You - November 13, 2007

80.Justice Sandra Day O'Connor - Her AD Husband's New Love - How Would We React? - November 14/15, 2007

81.Sadness - So sad for the loss of our emotional bond - November 16, 2007

82.The Professionals Need to Listen to Us - AD spouses speak up for what you need - November 17/18, 2007

83.When Your Spouse is Trying to Hold Onto Their Cognition - November 19, 2007

84.Thanksgiving - Being thankful for what you still have - November 21/22, 2007

85.Replace Frustration with Calm - Lesson from someone who knows what AD is like - November 23/24, 2007

86.My Plans to Help you Have a Stress-free Holiday Season- November 25/26, 2007

87.The Emotional Divorce - Letting go of the emotional bond in order to be a better caregiver - November 27, 2007

88.The Bond That Cannot Be Broken - A differing opinion on the Emotional Divorce- November 28, 2007

89.Just When You Think You've Settled into the AD Routine - BAM! Something New Crops Up - November 29, 2007










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