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October 2010 Archives

607.The Benefits of Not Arguing - Lessons learned from living with Alzheimer's Disease - October 3/4, 2010

608. Uncharacteristic Anger - I am having an angry reaction to my life with Alzheimer's Disease - October 4/5, 2010

608. The Burden - My husband thinks he is a burden on me - October 7/8, 2010

609. Body and Mind - Sadness watching my husband's body fail as quickly as his mind - October 8, 2010

610. A Clever Deception - My husband can even fool me as to the extent of his difficulties - October 11/12, 2010

611. Positive vs. Negative - Not Pollyana, but trying to make the best of a bad situation - October 13/14, 2010

612. The Teflon Brain - October 15, 2010

613. Dementia Sandwich - How did I end up in the middle of a dementai sandwich? - October 18/19, 2010

614. Hearing Vs Brain Processing - Interesting Information from Sid's hearing test - October 20/21, 2010

615. Teenage Rebellion and My AD Husband - How my husband's behavior resembles that of a rebellious teenager - October 23/24,2010

616. Motor Mouth - How my lack of conversation at home affects me in social situations - October 25, 2010

617. Two Speeds - Slow and Stop - My husband's physical movements are as slow as his mental abilities - October 26, 2010

618. Making Purple the New Pink - How to wage an Alzheimer's Awareness Campaign as successfully as the breast cancer pink campaign - October 28/29, 2010

619. Living in an Alzheimer Haunted House - More frightening than Halloween is living with the ghost of the husband that was - October 29-31, 2010

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