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October 2007 ARCHIVES:

52.Coping by Sharing our Emotions - October 1, 2007

53.Alzheimer's Disease and the Unhappy Marriage -October 3, 2007

54.Our Meeting with Richard Taylor, Ph.D - October 4, 2007

55.When Your Spouse Behaves Like a Child - How do you relate to them? - October 5, 2007

56.Endless Love - October 6/7, 2007

57. One Year Anniversary of Diagnosis - How have we changed? How have we coped?

58.Letting Your Spouse Be All They Can Be - Balance between safety and self-esteem - October 9, 2007

59.Finances - Information and Links - October 10, 2007

60.I Miss My Husband - October 11, 2007

61.The Woof Factor - Should you get a dog to keep your AD spouse company? - October 12-14, 2007

62.Forming New Friendships When Your Spouse Has AD - October 16, 2007

63.Reaching Out to the Spouses of the Newly Diagnosed -The importance of giving back the support we have received. - October 17, 2007

64.Sometimes All We Can Do is Cry - October 18, 2007

65.A Great Big Thank You - appreciation for those who comforted me - October 19, 2007

66.Yes, We Do Understand How The Loss of Freedom Makes Our AD Spouse Feel - An open letter to my husband- October 21-21, 2007

67.San Francisco Bound - Traveling to visit our son - October 22-23, 2007

68.Our Son Understands, So Why Am I in Tears? - October 23-24, 2007

69.Update from San Francisco - October 26-28, 2007

70.I'm Back for Halloween - October 31, 2007










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