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September 2009 ARCHIVES:

444. A Bittersweet Move - How the positive move highlighted my husband's deficiencies - September 4, 2009

445. Labor Day - Rest for the Caregiver - September 6/7, 2009

446. World Alzheimer's Day - Special Documentary Preview - September 8, 2009

447.Sloooow Motion - Everything my husband does now is slow- September 9/10, 2009

448. Acceptance Comes in Increments - It is too difficult to accept the changes all at once - September 11, 2009

449. Joan Gets an A+ from Sid- He loves the new home - September 12/13, 2009

450. The Driving Issue Rears its Ugly Head Again - September 14, 2009

451. Loss of Intimacy - The difficulty of having sexual relations when the shared intimacy outside of the bedroom is gone - September 16, 2009

452. Activity is the Key - Keeping Sid so busy and tired that he doesn't have the time or energy to get into trouble - September 18, 2009

453. Book Project Update - September 19/20, 2009

454. World Alzheimer's Day - September 21, 2009

455. Rapid Decline - I can see my husband sliding quickly - September 23, 2009

456.Frustration with Neurological Tests - They do not match my husband's declining functioning - September 24, 2009

457. When the Mind Falters, Is Sex a Choice - A thought provoking article - September 25-27, 2009

458. AD Spouses Making Mountains out of Molehills - Why everything is such a big project to them - September 28/29, 2009

459.Alzheimer's Disease - Still Too Puzzling for Me - Why can they not do the simplest tasks, then have no difficulty with something complex? - September 30, 2009


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