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August 2010 Archives

586. The Art of Connecting: How art can help you create meaningful moments by Raquel Farrell-Kirk, Certified Art Therapist - August 2/3, 2010

587. Sometimes it's the Small Things That Hurt the Most - A look at a random statement by a friend that brought forth bittersweet memories - August- 4/5, 2010

588. Changing the Way We Relate to Our Spouses - Something all AD spouses must learn - August 9, 2010

589. Part I of The Ten Absolute NEVERS for Caregivers - August 14, 2010

590. Part II of The Ten Absolute NEVERS - Feeding Denial?- August 16, 2010

591.A Shocking Realization for Me - August 18, 2010

592. Empathy From My AD Spouse - A break in his self absorption- August 20, 2010

593. The Advantages of Living in a Special Community - Saved by the ALF staff- August 23, 2010

594. Separating Husband Behavior from Alzheimer's Behavior - Sometimes it is not AD, but ingrained husband behavior - August 25, 2010

595. AD and Computers DO NOT MIX! - My husband and the computer- August 26/27, 2010-

596. Lost Love and Future Hope - An inspirational book for all of us- August 30, 2010


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