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August 2007 ARCHIVES:

13.Lessons from the Neurologist - How to adjust to living with an AD spouse -8/1/07

14.Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease- The unique of problems of these younger spouse 8/2/07

15. Corrections , Other Useful Information and Taking Time For Yourself- AUGUST 3-5, 2007

16. The Loneliness You Feel - August 6, 2007

17.Where Can We Find Patience? - August 7, 2007

18. When it's Time to Place Your Spouse in a Nursing Home - August 9, 2007

19. Richard Taylor Speaks - A view from a person with Alzheimer's Disease - author of the book, Alzheimer's From the Inside Out - August 10, 2007

20.Memory Strategies Part I- Easing the frustration for both you and your spouse - August 13, 2007

21.We're in This Together- Helping each other - August 14, 2007

22.Memory Strategies Part II - How to talk so they will understand

23.Alzheimer's - The Ultimate Relationship Destroyer - August 16, 2007

24.Stress - What causes it and how to deal with it - August 17, 2007

25.A Little Relationship Repair - August 18-19, 2007

26.Alzheimer's Disease - Not What We Expected, August 20th, 2007

27.Exhaustion - The plight of AD spouses - August 21, 2007

28.Time out for Some Worthwhile Information - Finances, Caregiver newsletter, EOAD - August 22, 2007

29. I Don't See Anything Wrong With Him/Her - Words that make you scream - August 23, 2007

30.Being Thankful for the Positive- August 24-26, 2007

31.Memory Strategies for Later Stages - August 27, 2007

32.Loss Of Companionship - August 28, 2007

33.Seeking Companionship - August 29, 2007


35.Different Friends For Different Times - August 31, 2007










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