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No blogs were written in July 2014, because of a health crisis with Sid that sent me reeling. On July 6th, I visited him, and he seemed as "normal" as he has been, given the circumstances. At 6 PM on July 7th, I received a call from the nurse at the Nursing Home. Sid's heart rate was elevated; they could not regulate it; the paramedics were on their way.

I raced out the door, and was at the hospital less than 5 minutes after Sid arrived. The security guard would not let me into the ER examining room, explaining that I would be in the way while they were "working on him". I still did not realize the gravity of the situation, as I thought he meant that they were taking his vitals and getting him settled. Almost a half an hour later, after much hand wringing and pleading by me, the doctors said I could come in.

Sid was in a hospital bed hooked up to monitors. looking none the worse for wear, in my opinion. However, the doctor informed me that he was being diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation; they had to try two different medications before they were able to stabilize his heart rate; and he was being admitted.

To make a very long story as short as possible, he was in the hospital for 3 days, readmitted to the nursing home on the 4th day, and on the 5th day was evaluated and accepted on Hospice Care.

I was so shocked and hysterical that I could barely function, never mind write blogs. Hospice was asking for the name of our funeral home, and I had not even made any arrangements. My sister flew from her home in Chicago to my home in Florida two days later to help me make the arrangements.

It is now almost the end of August. Hospice cannot give me a time frame, but they do feel that this will not go on for "a long time". Sometime this week, I plan to discuss "time" with the Hospice Nurse.

I pulled myself together enough in the month of August to begin writing blogs again. They focus on us coming to the end of our Alzheimer journey and my struggle to cope with it.






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