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July 2007 ARCHIVES:

1. Welcome Blog (7/14/07) - The truth no one talks about - What happens to your marriage when you realize that Alzheimer's Disease has changed the person you fell in love with - you are now married to a stranger.

2.Meeting Our Emotional Needs (7/17/07) - What to do when your spouse is no longer your partner, cheerleader, lover, and friend?

3.Resentment (7/18/07) - Having to do it all; being married to a child instead of a partner; loneliness

4.Catching My Breath (7/20/07) - A look at upcoming topics and a little humor

5.Positive Notes (7/21- 7/22) - Remembering the person inside the Alzheimer's brain and thankfulness for the good years.

6.Socialization and Friendships (7/23/07) - What to do when Alzheimer's Disease chases your friends away? When friends stop calling.

7.My Sadness - Seeing the Decline in My Husband (7/24/07) - The pain and sadness of losing our spouses piece by piece.

8.Changing Places with My Alzheimer Spouse (7/25/07) - How I learned what it is like to have Alzheimer's Disease

9.Sex and Intimacy (7/26/07)- A subject rarely, if ever, discussed in Support Groups.

10.Sex and Intimacy -Part I - You Don't Feel the Same Desire as Before.(7/27/07)

11.Sex and Intimacy - Part II - (7/28/07 You Want it; Your AD Afflicted Spouse Has No Interest.

12.Mourning The Loss of Your Spouse and Relationship - 7/31/07










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