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762. Alzheimer's Disease is Terminal - 6 month Memorial - Only June and we have lost 18 more spouses to Alzheimer's Disease - June 4, 2012

763.How to Find Caregiving Services When You Have No Money to Pay For Them - This blog addresses how to find help when you have a real need - when you truly have no assets.- June 5/6, 2012

764. No Longer a Wife - My sad evolution from wife to caregiver is complete - a lonely and sorrowful life - June 11, 2012

765. Repetition Again! - Not only does my husband repeat the same things over and over; he does so using the exact words- June 19, 2012

766. Happiness is..........................- What made me realize that I had not felt true happiness in a long time - June 25, 2012

767. The Fine Art of Talking to Oneself - My solution to the lack of conversation in my Alzheimer household - June 30, 2012






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