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June 2009 ARCHIVES:

399. Caregiver Conference 09 - Part 1 - June 1/2, 2009

400. Caregiver Conference 09 - Part 2 - June 3, 2009

401.I Felt the Walls Closing in on Me - What will I do when I cannot leave my husband alone? - June 4/5, 2009

402.Downtime for You - Some fun videos for stress relief- June 6/7, 2009

403.In Sickness and Health - What does that really mean for spousal caregivers? - June 8/9, 2009

404. Take the Stress Questionaire - How is your stress level? - June 9/10, 2009

405.Validation from the Neurologist - I am NOT crazy/information on MMSE and an Omega-3 drug trial - June 10/11, 2009

406.Advocacy Training - My weekend retreat and how you can make a difference -June 15/16, 2009

407.The Value of Friendship - How important it is to have friends who can help - June 17, 2009

408. Declines - Just when you think things have settled down, another decline - June 18/19, 2009

409. Our 39th Wedding Anniversary - Not what we expected, but still together battling Alzheimer's Disease - June 22, 2009

410. Joan's Book Project - Caregiving stories - how you can be a part of it - June 23/24,2009

411. Considering a Lifestyle Change - our needs have changed since we bought our house - thinking of moving to Independent Living - June 25, 2009

412. Turning the Tables on Me - How much more confusing can Alzheimer's Disease Get?- June 26, 2009

413. Joan's Mishap and the AD Reaction to it - no sympathy for my fall from my husband - June 27, 2009

414. Understanding the Meaning of "I miss my husband or wife" - June 29/30, 2009


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