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May 2009 ARCHIVES:

385. Poignant Poetry - related to the "They are in There" blog - May 1, 2009

386. A Life Outside of the AD Tunnel - Can we live in the outside world when this journey is over? - May 4/5, 2009

387. Pick Your Battles - I can't fight about everything- May 5/6, 2009

388. Yay for Gardener Sid - My husband's triumphant gardening day - May 7, 2009

389. My AD Evolution - How I have changed and become "resigned" since the beginning of the journey - May 8, 2009

390. Raising AD Awareness - Who Cares? - Those who are not dealing with AD really do not care to learn about it.- May 11/12, 2009

391. I Still Don't Understand Alzheimer's Disease - The complexity and confusion of the disease - May 13/14, 2009

392. New Depression Management Program - You can help - May 16, 2009

393. When Does the Anger Stop? - My husband's anger will not abate - May 18, 2009

394. Resources for Caregivers - May 20/21, 2009

395. Chewed Out By the Psychiatrist - My husband's psychiatrist attacks my caregiving decisions - May 22, 2009

396. Video Resources - Excellent videos on Alzheimer's Education and Information - May 23-25, 2009

397.Psychological Counseling for Joan - Will it help me deal with AD any better? - May 26, 2009

398. Trading Places - How would I feel if Alzheimer's Disease took away my independence? - May 27, 2009


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