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536. A Day of Laughter - My fun filled day off - April 1-2, 2010

537. How to Engage in a Non-Alzheimer Conversation - Desperately trying to find something else to talk about when getting together with friends - April 3-4, 2010

538. Tracy Mobley's April Guest Blog - The Eyes of the Fog - April 5-7, 2010

539. Throwing in the Towel - I have learned that I cannot make my AD husband happy, no matter what I do. Time to make myself happy. - April 8/9, 2010

540. Selective Memory - Why is it my husband can remember nothing, and then all of a sudden remember something unexpected - April 10/11, 2010

541.The Evolution of an AD Spouse - How I have evolved emotionally since the diagnosis - April 12/13, 2010

542.Decline and Adapt - Adapting to each new decline - April 14/15, 2010

543. An Unexpected Reaction - to a book I was reading about a woman who refused to accept help. I realized how much I missed leaning on my husband for support- April 17/18, 2010

544. What Will Make an AD Caregiving Spouse Happy - The little things my husband can still do to make me happy - April 19/20, 2010

545. An Essay on Grief by Betsy Howe - Betsy is a recent AD widow - April 21, 2010

546. Alzheimer's Disease and Fat - A little humor on the latest "studies" about Alzheimer risk factors - April 22/23, 2010

547. Still a Little Teamwork in Us After All - How we worked together to accomplish a task just like we used to - April 24/25, 2010

548. The Alzheimer Turtle - My husband's slow mental and physical responses are driving me crazy - April 26/27, 2010

549. Starting Your Own Support Group - Excellent advice on starting a support group that meets your needs - April 28/29, 2010

550. The Lengths We Will Go - to avoid a meltdown by our spouses - April 30, 2010

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