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April 2009 ARCHIVES:

369.The Emotional Strain of Spousal Caregiving - I don't know how long I can withstand it - April 1, 2009

370. Time to Regroup - Strategy to deal with caregiving - April 2/3, 2009

371. Humor Anyone? - A way to relieve the stress - April 6/7, 2009

372. Help for Our Brave Male Caregivers - Answers to questions they were not afraid to ask - April 8/9, 2009

373. I Failed the "No Argue" Test - I keep trying not to argue with my husband, but sometimes I just can't help myself - April 10, 2009

374. Jasmine - A very special story about a stay dog who offered love and support to all hurt animals - a parallel to those of us who are hurt by AD, but offer our support to others in the same situation - April 11/12, 2009

375. "Is Alzheimer's Care a Waste of Money?" - A controversial article by Dr. Amy Tuteur - April 13, 2009

376.Spousal Caregivers in Second Marriages - A chance to participate in a study - April, 14, 2009

377. There's Nothing Wrong with Me Except Some Memory Loss - The true effect of memory loss on relationships - April 15/16, 2009

378. A Mediator to Settle AD Spousal Disputes - a new method - April 17, 2009

379. Stress Relief Please! - April 18/19, 2009

380. The Type of Loneliness Only a Spouse Can Understand - Revision and update of Aug.07 blog - April 20/21, 2009

381. The Worst Case Ever - My husband's rage at losing his driving is the worst case ever seen by all of the professionals who have tried to deal with him - April 22/23, 2009

382. One Day at a Time 2 - Dealing with the issues just one day at a time - April 24, 2009

383. I Wish You Had Known Us Before AD - The pain of seeing us through new friend's eyes as we are now - April 27/28, 2009

384. They are in There - At the end, there is often a return to recognition - April 29/30, 2009


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