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March 2009 ARCHIVES:

358. Does the Hurt Ever Stop? - March 4, 2009

359. Calm? - I need some calm in my life - March 6, 2009

360. Joan and the Computer Guy - The website gets some professional help - March 7/8, 2009

361. Ceasefire - Risperdal finally brings at least a temporary ceasefire to my house- March 9, 2009

362. Taking Your Message to Capitol Hill - Discussion of what legislation you want to see passed in relation to Alzheimer's Disease when I go to the Public Policy Forum - March 11/12, 2009

363.Do You Ever Wonder..............what your life would have been like if AD had not intruded? - March 13, 2009

364. Message to New and Veteran Members - important updated information about the website - March 16, 2009

365. The Alzheimer's Association's Wish List - The Alzheimer's Association's priorities and agenda for legislation - March 18, 2009

366. Bachelor Husband - Preparing my husband to stay alone while I am in Washington, DC - March 20, 2009

367. Our Washington DC Experience - A Sneak Peek at all of the events - March 26, 2009

368. Washington DC Public Policy Forum 09- information, videos, reports - March 30/31, 2009


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