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February 2010 Archives

510. Guest Blog by Tracy Mobley - Pain of the Heart - Tracy has Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease/FTD - she discusses family denial from the point of view of the person with the disease - February 1, 2010

511. Coping Alone - Handling every crisis without the input of your spouse - February 3/4, 2010

512. Dave Howe Memorial - The author of "Living in an Evil Fog" has died - February 6/7, 2010

513. Communication Workshop - Helping Healthcare Workers Understand our Needs - February 8/9, 2010

514. A Caregiver Spouse says NO - Standing up for myself and making my husband do tasks he is capable of accomplishing himself - February 10/11, 2010

515. Spouse Power - How AD spousal caregivers helped change the Social Security law to include AD as a compassionate allowance, which allows a faster track to SSDI approval - February 12, 2010

516. Valentine's Day Blog - Remembering why you fell in love - February 13/14, 2010

517. Joan Hosts a Bon Voyage Brunch - Website members meet for brunch before Caregiver Cruise - Pictures included - February 15/16, 2010

518. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Alzheimer's Disease but Didn't Know to Ask - A complete guide - February 17/18, 2010

519. Advocates in Action - Joan is going to DC again to advocate for Alzheimer's Causes - You can help. - February 19/21,2010

520. My Positive Attitude Got Lost - February 22/23, 2010

521. The Olympian Caregiver - Olympian athletes and caregivers share the same qualities - February 25/26, 2010

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