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January 2010 ARCHIVES:

495..Where Are Friends and Family - An Article by our member Betsy Howe - January 4, 2010

496. A Potpourri of Information and Coming Attractions - January 5/6, 2010

497. A Reminder of Life Before AD - How a simple phone call made me realize how much I missed my old life - January 7, 2010

498. An Odd Re-Connection - A simple change in routine allowed us to "connect" once again - January 8, 2010

499. A Celebration of Life - A Tribute to 50 Years Together - Bill and Carol Eldridge - a fabulous video - January 9/10, 2010

500. A Life in Limbo - How an Alzheimer spouse lives - January 11/12, 2010

501.I Had a Dream - Dreaming of my husband as I wish he were without Alzheimer's Disease - January 13/14, 2010

502. Preventing Alzheimer's Disease - A humorous view of all those sure fire preventative cures by the "experts". - January 16/17, 2010

503.Exciting Announcement - The perspective of the person with dementia comes to the Alzheimer Spouse - Tracy Mobley guest blogger - January 18/19, 2010

504. Where are My Friends? - The realization that I only have Alzheimer friends -January 20, 2010

505. Better Living Through Chemistry - What happened when I thought I was "non stressed" enough to wean myself off of Zoloft -January 21/22, 2010

506. Ignorance is Bliss........Sometimes - What our AD spouses do not know may protect them - January 25/26, 2010

507. Am I an Ostrich? - I am not ready to visit locked Alzheimer Dementia wards in preparation for when my husband may need one- January 27/28, 2010

508. Maintaining Your Spouse's Dignity - January 29, 2010

509. The Rebellious Spouse - ME, not Him - The rebel inside the conscientious caregiver - January 30/31, 2010

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