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There is no rhyme or reason to the manner in which Alzheimer's Disease affects memory, and the disparities are mind boggling.

My husband wakes up every morning and asks me what we are doing for the day. It is irrelevant that we discussed it three times the day before, AND right before bedtime.

One night, he sits with his computer on his lap, reads me an e-mail about a new advertising program for websites. We discuss it; I look it up; I tell him about it. The next night, he reads his e-mail again, and tells me about this new advertising program for websites. When I tell him that he told me about it the previous night, he looks at me blankly, and says that he does not remember.

At least once a week, he sends me an e-mail he has received about the same Internet money making scam. I tell him every time that he has sent the same article to me at least 5 times, and that it is a scam. He does not remember.

So you must be saying - "What is unusual about any of that? Surely you are used to it by now." Yes, I am. HOWEVER, this week, right after he asked me the same question about something that he had asked at least a 1/2 dozen times, the frame on my glasses broke. I looked in all of the places I thought the eyeglass repair kit would be, but could not find it. Sid said to me, "Oh, it's in one of the suitcases. We left it in there so we would have it when we travel."

"WHAT??????", I blurt out incredulously. "How could you POSSIBLY remember that?"

"See", he answers smugly, "I'm not as bad as you think."

And I start to think I am going crazy.

On another day, he is telling me about an article he read in the paper about the schools in our area. It is the same article he has told me about on two other occasions that week. "Sorry", he says. "I forgot I told you."

Two minutes later, I remind him about an event that is coming here to our town, and he says................ "I know. You told me that twice already."

I shake my head in disbelief .

One night, I heard him on the phone trying to explain to my cousin about the telephone scam that was perpetrated on my stepmother (see Message Board topic). He got it all confused, and handed me the phone. "You explain it to him", he said.

During the same conversation with my cousin, he accurately relayed information about a current event that he had seen on the TV news.


How insignificant this sounds in contrast to the situations I will be facing in the future- incontinence, wandering, loss of recognition, and descent into the black hole of emptiness that is later stage Alzheimer's Disease. But for me, at this time, it is difficult to stay one step ahead when he goes forward and backward constantly. No rhyme or reason to Alzheimer's Disease.

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