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When the new year arrives, we tend to look forward and wonder where we will be next year at this time. We ask ourselves- where will we be emotionally, financially, medically, and career related, a year from now? When Alzheimer’s Disease is part of our lives, the future is always uncertain and frightening.

Many of us Alzheimer spouses have had a very difficult 2008, myself included. Some of our spouses have lost their battle with the Alzheimer Devil, but through it all, I prefer to focus on hope, rather than despair, for the coming year.

I find hope in the friendship and support I have received in 2008 from my wonderful circle of support group buddies, and from every one of you who have been so generous to me and each other with your experience, knowledge, love, and kindness.

I find hope in the “web of connectiveness” I have woven this year – all the fascinating authors, politicians, doctors, social workers, and speakers I have met through my writing, advocacy, and conference participation. It has been my honor to become friends and business associates with many of them.

Although we cannot cure our spouses of this dreadful disease, we can find hope, help, and support through our connections with each other. And so, I wish you the best possible New Year 2009.

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