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First, let me tell you what Sid did all day on Saturday. He has a friend who sells all natural, custom flavored ( chicken parmesan, lamb, etc.) doggie treats. He has a vendor tent set up every Saturday at one of the popular outdoor marketplaces in the area. Sid decided on his own, to go with him this Saturday morning to keep him company and help him out. His friend has asked many times, but this is the first time Sid accepted. He cheerfully said it would get him out of the house, and be something different to do for a change.  Far be it from me to suggest that the increase in medication had anything to do with Sid’s better mood, and willingness to get up early for a new adventure.

Whatever the reason, Sid was picked up at 6 AM, which gave me plenty of time to straighten up this office for – THE COMPUTER GUY, who came here at 9 AM to fixthis web design software mess  I have managed to get myself into. Have you ever had an ache, a pain, a problem with a limb that would not relent, so you make an appointment with the doctor? By the time you get to the office, no matter what you do with that limb, there is no pain. The doctor is stumped. You go home, and the next day……………the pain returns. Well, that is what happened here. Right in front of “Computer Guy”, who happens to be all of about 20 years old, I did EXACTLY what I have been doing that throws the website format completely out of whack, and it all came up perfect. This scenario was not only irritating, but expensive, as he was being paid by the hour.  He was impressed with the way this old lady (Age 60 is ancient to a 20 year old.) manipulated and knew her way around the software. That was a nice compliment, but it was not fixing my problem.

In the meantime, he showed me all sorts of tricks of the trade, and explained why my momentarily non-existent problem could occur. Then……VOILIA!  I messed it up, and he was able to see first hand what happened.

He was very patient and thorough, explained, demonstrated, and gave me the opportunity to do it myself while he watched. I do believe that the main issue has been solved. For now, the change is very subtle. If you look on the left side of the website, you will see that each section is clearly separated from the other by a line, including all the “other links”. The other change you will not notice, because I never let you see when the disaster occurred. It sometimes took over an hour, but I would fix it on a back up page, and then you would see the amended result.

We worked out a way for me to hire cheaper, but highly competent help, to get some of the design changes and improvements completed. Since I am going to be so busy this month with the DC Forum, and a multitude of Sid’s doctor’s appointments, the changes will not occur right away.

All of us who rely on this website for support and information thank those who are helping me pay for these improvements.

Sid has already called me twice – once to tell me what a good time he was having with all the dogs who came with their owners to buy the treats, and the next time to tell me that he and his friend were packing up and going out to lunch. A good day for both of us is a day to be celebrated. 

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